Credit to Jamie Wesley-Brown   

Credit to Jamie Wesley-Brown


Thought It was time for a down to earth post for you all. Its April and I can only just recall new years. Im just able to keep up with the busy pace of everything at the moment but all is well. Im Suck in busy old Auckland studying and dealing with horrid traffic where ever I go. Heres a small run down of my year so far and things I lovvve ( if your interested :) ) 


Ive finished a little over a month of my first year at Uni which is insane. Im studying a bachelor of Fine Arts and so far so good. Im in my element producing art works and experimenting with materials and just getting in the habit of producing large amounts of work. Ive been very heavily influenced by colours and textures which has added a more abstract feel to that work I've produced so far. Id say Art school is better then expected and has really helped me push my art making boundaries. 


Ive had a solid few playlist and videos that I have been enjoying over the past few months. They have been a lifesaver on the hour long bus rides every morn!! Enjoy the spam of music as per usual.

So far this year Ive been able to see a few of my favourite bands like Frankie Cosmos, Connan Mockasin and Kane Strang! I was also lucky enough to interview and chat to Frankie Cosmos which was such a highlight not going to lie. 



More Inspo that has maintained my ongoing creativity!


Sophia Kirk -

Tanawat Sakdawisarak -


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Semaine - 


Tate present : The Body Laid Bare at the Auckland Art Gallery

Not to long ago I got to see this exhibition and believe me it was bearthtaking. At first I stopped myself from paying the fee for the ticket but I was ever so lucky to get a ticket from a kind friend. I don't think I realised the impact of being in front of works from Picasso, Matisse, David Hockney, Louise Bourgeois etc in my very own local gallery. The range of works blew me away and all really showed a strong development of nude art from classical works to contemporary ways of showing the beauty of bare skin. Highly recommend this exhibition its one of a kind!! 

Another exhibition that is without a doubt a favourite is Ann Sheltons - Dark Matter. Ive managed to visit this exhibition around 3-4 times and still cant get enough of her series of works. I was able to hear her speak about her works in detail and I also attended the performance about the history of contraception linked to Ann Sheltons series call Jane says. Each section of the exhibition has a new perspective and style of photography and her series work is so inspiring. I particularly love the her series " In a forest " and " redeye". I should also add that the walls of the gallery are painted in a gradience with Karen Walkers resene paint colours and its almost as amazing as the photographs.

And last but not least! This episode of the fifth sense has really inspired me so far this year! I love Lucy's work its incredible and so different.