Hook up culture project | Zine Vol.1

* Mature topics and words that may trigger victims of assault 

The start of 2016 My friend Xanthe and I decided to start a project called " Hook Up Culture " to form knowledge and provide education around our youth culture surrounding love, lust and heartbreak, Gender, self-love, sex, relationships, assault ( rape culture ), mental health etc. Our goal was to provide a zine for those interested in supporting this project. We had the help from talented artists, photographers and writers to form a 20 page publication available to the public. Starting with a survey to collect anonymous answers that helped us understand an honest representation around the topic of " hook up culture " and the general value and respect towards relationships, gender and everything in between.



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2016 ON FILM

2016 was the year I tried to push myself out of my photography comfort zone and explore the medium of film photography. I am constantly inspired by so many creatives working within this medium so I thought I'd share a few of the many film photos I've shot this year. By no means am I good at film photography but its something I've learnt to really enjoy ( Its expensive but worth it when you see your one shot image all printed out or scanned).

To also conclude 2016 id like to truly thank you all for your everlasting support! Wishing everyone of you an extraordinary end to 2016 and an exciting eventful 2017.

Many new things to come next year! 

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Gabs guide to dealing with stress

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Gab = Always over committing usually to-do lists scattered throughout my room and a pile of un-completed assignments staring at me from my desk. I find myself feeling stressed a little to often so I thought Id share some of my tips and strategy of how I help subside my anxiety. Prepare yourself for my inner motherly nature and inner psychologist voice breaking its way out.  

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