NZ music month 2018 - Dirty Pixels


1. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your music/band?

Dirty Pixels kind of exists in two different forms. The first being the writing and recording process in which I spend a lot of time alone playing guitar and recording in my room. This part is pretty time consuming and lonely but also super therapeutic. Once that is all out of the way the tunes are rehearsed and performed by me and my absolutely fabulous mates Dan/Dillon/Keria and Jeremy who make up the live band. This is the real fun part

2. You recently released singles ' On Ice / Transistor Lady. Tell me a little but the writing process and what inspired you to write these songs.

These songs had been floating around my mind for quite a while before deciding to record and perform them. They’re both quite deep and personal in content, so it was only when I realised how fun they could be in a live setting that it seemed like a cool idea to pursue. Nothing like a sad love song to get the party started. 


3. Do you go through the writing and song process alone? 

The first release from about a year ago was an almost entirely solo writing and recording process (apart from a face melting solo from resident guitar hero Leith Towers), but these new tunes were different in that we were playing them live for months before I finished the recording process, so even though I recorded the songs alone the band had a huge impact on the way I understood the songs and ultimately how the end product sounded. 

4. Who else accompanies you on stage? How did this group form? Without them what would it be like?

When I first started recruiting people to join this live band my main mission was to find people who weren’t in any other local bands. This very quickly became too hard so I accidentally ended up with the singers of 4 different Auckland groups haha. The current lineup is Dillon Feeney of Smokestack Slim, Daniel Waratini of doubleu, Keria Patterson of B-Lush / Polyester, and Jeremy MacDonnell of Host Club, so I am in very safe hands. Playing with people who are not only great musicians but also experienced song writers and performers is super rewarding.

5. You have been involved within the Auckland Music scene for a few years now and included in many projects and bands? Have you experienced any changes in the overall scene? Is there anything you have noticed? 

ehtan band.jpg

It’s hard to say really. Maybe I’m a bit out of touch but it feels like their may be less super keen young bands emerging? A few years back it felt like there were more bands putting on all ages shows than there were at the bars. Would be good to see some fresh faces and news sounds.

6. Great venues always make performing interesting, do you have any particular spaces you have enjoyed performing in?

That’s another tricky one because its always different. Sometimes you can have a shocking show at a famously great venue and vice versa. But I must say the Lucha Lounge in New Market will always hold a special place in my heart. Have played and witnessed some shows that I’ll never forget at that place, and I know a lot of people who feel the same. It was so small and sweaty but people still packed in to enjoy the intimate loudness. RIP

7. How does it feel to have finished your most recent works and share them?

It’s always a relieving weight off your shoulders to release music after having it in your head for so long. So I’m happy, but also very ready to start on the next thing. 

8. At what age did you find your musical passion? What did it originally start out like ( how did it sound, what instruments did you play )? 

My earliest musical memory is playing solitaire on an old PC computer while listening to Westlife and Paul McCartney. I instantly knew I loved pop music and have pretty much been trying to collab with Westlife and Paul McCartney ever since. 

9. Who are some New Zealand Musicians that you enjoy? Any underrated hidden gems?

I’m a big fan of the artists on local label Lil Chief Records, such as The Eversons, The Reduction Agents and Princess Chelsea. I’m also a massive Bic Runga fan, I saw her earlier this year at the Civic and it blew my mind. Hidden gems include Ohney, Flaxblood, Bargain Bin Laden and Satin Sheets.

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Thanks Ethan for getting onboard! 

Hope you will all enjoy this series for the month of May for Music Month! 


- G