NZ Music Month 2018 - Tom Leggett


Photo Credit to Connor Crawford - @connorcrawford_

1. You are involved in Miss June and Wax Chattels, what's its been like performing for two different bands with two different sounds? Could you give a brief description of them both?    

It's rad having two projects to work on simultaneously. I find it hard to describe our own music but I guess I'd say Miss June is ruckus but still in control whereas Wax is just messed up crazy. I think the different instrumentation in each band pushes me to approach playing the drums differently as well, to the point where most people don't realise it's the same drummer in both bands. 


2. You got to play Laneway this year! That's a big achievement to be alongside some big act like slowdive, Father John Misty, The war on drugs ect. What was that like for you?

So sick! To get to play alongside and meet some of the artists I love like Mac Demarco and Anderson .Paak was a dream come true. I think my favourite moment was standing side of stage for The War On Drugs and watching their drummer, Charlie Hall, sitting about four metres away from me playing some of the best drums I've ever heard. And they won a grammy while they were on stage! thats badass.

3. Have you been involved with music your whole life? When did it begin for you?

I think I started getting drum lessons when I was 10 but quickly stopped because I hated practicing. The 'forcing someone to practice' thing kinda ruined it for me. I didn't understand why music was meant to be fun until I started a band with my best friend in high school. 

4. Who do you admire in the NZ Music Scene? How has being immersed in the community changed you or not changed you as a musician?

Two musicians that have stuck out the most for me in the last couple years are Ruban Nielson (Unknown Mortal Orchestra) and the drummer from Die! Die! Die!, Mikey Prain. Being immersed in the community is great because everyone can teach you something. 


5. You have done a fair bit of touring, have you found some significant difference within other music scenes in different places?

I feel like we have something special in NZ... each band has unique sound and direction they want to experiment with as opposed to just playing songs that sound like another band. We played with a band in Taiwan last year called 'FORESTS' that blew my mind. I can't wait to check out more bands in the UK, US, and Aussie this year.

6. Do you attend other shows / gigs in New Zealand?

Any favourites off the top of your head? The Beths, Yoko-Zuna, Hans Pucket, Sal Valentine, Die! Die! Die!, Aldous Harding, The All Seeing Hand.

7. What's it like performing in front of an audience? What has been your most memorable performance.

The most memorable was definitely opening for the Foo Fighters when I was like 19. There was this moment halfway through our soundcheck in Christchurch when the sound guy yelled out he was going to turn the stadium speakers on. As soon as they were on I hit the bass drum as hard as I could. The 40,000 capacity stadium echoed for like 5 seconds. I got shivers down my spine.

8. Do you make your own music? If so whats that like?   

Hahaha mostly just for fun. Recently I've been making dirty FL studio trap beats and rapping about whatever I'm words I'm teaching myself in Chinese. Might drop the mixtape one day....

9. Are there any aspects of your life that aren't involved with music but inspire you musically?

JY Lee's (Yoko-Zuna) cooking. you gotta try it.


Thanks Heaps to Tom for getting involved in my music month interview series!!! 

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