International women’s day


Dear Mother, Sister, Aunty, Grandmother, Friend.... 

To you who taught me to be independent, Teach me that mowing the lawns Is a ' women's job ' as much as baking is a ' mans ' job, That growing body hair is beautiful, That the grey streak in my hair is wisdom, That my anxiety attacks are only going to make me stronger, That love is beautiful and will be there when I need it, Tell me that I look pretty even without layers of mascara, That having an opinion is valuable, Sit me down when I was 12 and tell me I was going to grow into a women of my own, Buy me chocolate when its that time of the month, Lay on a bed with hair bleech on our faces, Remind me that my body is for me and no one else, To relaim my body and power back, And to be strong. 

- G  

Happy International Women's day to girls, gals, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, grandmothers, Auntys, Anyone who identifies as a female.

Here are a few Women who I adore :


Gabrielle Stoddard