Gab Goes To Fashion Week

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Photo credit : @ jodi_melody

In light of Fashion week which was a few months ago ( opps! A bit late ), I thought it would be fitting to write a post about my outfit choices throughout the week and some brands/styles I have been loving. 

My Style

I wouldn't say I'm a fashionable person but I'm certainly interested in all things fashion. I've used clothing and style as a way of expressing myself and developing confidence within myself. I was able to branch out of conforming to the ' norm ' and experimenting with clothing pieces more when I hit the later years of high school. I went from a school with a uniform to a school that allowed mufti in the final year which helped hugely with my confidence in myself and my style. Id say I have a minimal style, not to extra or over the top. 

What I Wore

Photo credit: @jodi_melody

Day one -

Thrifted David Pond one sleeve top ( similar - Kowtow Black top ), Thrifted denim jeans that I cut at the bottom, Navy blue sparkly socks ( Similar Socks ) and some slip on heals in silver, earrings made my @ml-d ( )  and a straw bag.

Photo credit : @jodi_melody

Day two - Kate Sylvester merino turtleneck, D for Daisy gingham dress and earrings ( @d.for.daisy ), Black docs, straw bag.

Photo credit : @jodi_melody

Day three - Long cotton white shirt, Silk straight cut cami, Black Pants, Black and white converse Chuck Taylor high tops, Pigment studio Brie earrings (  pigmentstudio ) , Thrifted heeled slip on's in beige ( Bread and Butter )

Photo Credit : @madeleinebrighouse

Day four -

A). D for daisy floral cropped wide sleeved top ( @d.for.daisy ), New York silk dress thrifted, Zara leather shoes

B). Silk dress with an orange long sleeves and hightop Chuck Taylors

Brands and Labels I love 

Lonely, Penny sage, Wynn Hamlyn, Widdess, Twentysevennames, Kate Sylvester, Rachel Mills, reformation, Lucilla grey, Miss Crabb , kowtow clothing, Ingrid Starnes, Well made clothing

Favorite Auckland Op Shops 

Thrift Away ( K Rd ), Tattys ( Ponsonby Road, High Street ), SaveMart ( Onehunga, New Lynn ), Avondale ( st vincent ), royal oak 

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