Music Month Interviews 01 / Satin Sheets

1. As part of music month I wanted to chat to a few NZ Musicians to celebrate their music talent, to start tell us a little bit about your solo project Satin sheets?

Satin Sheets is the solo synth pop project of Ben Pogson that takes strong influence from colourful 80s pop and new wave.

2. You are fairly new to working as a solo artist, you were originally in the Auckland post-punk band Yukon Era, what's it like originating from a group music arrangement?

There is definitely a new wave of preference to solo performance and production and it just works for me. Bands are great, my time in Yukon Era (and Parlour Knives/Don Vito) made me really appreciate the group element of music. But it doesn't sit with me as naturally as performing and making music by myself which is selfish and anti-social and I love it.

3. Your work is fairly new where would you like to see this going for you?

Satin Sheets is just one outlet for my naive adventure into electronic music. I originally got into this weird corner of electronic music through YouTube and vaporwave and I am sitting on/ always making various instrumentals and whatever that fit in those categories. Satin Sheets is the more listenable, pop side of my computer. I don’t necessarily treat it more seriously than my other stuff, its just way easier to feel comfortable sharing it. So yeah, I’ll get some of the other stuff out once I have finished this album. 

4. You have recently contributed to the collaborative remix dated stock ( vol.1 ) by IGG which includes tracks from yourself and others, What was it like working with a group of people to make an end product?

“dated stock ( vol.1 )” is the first mixtape released on our collective “IGG” which basically is a really low-key music orientated group of nice people. There is nothing like listening to your friend’s music and having 10 or so songs on the same disk (in reality just a bandcamp page, who am I kidding) to catalogue it forever is cool. That’s really the basis of IGG, its just an attempt to catalogue our music for ourselves + anyone who cares. There are many more mixtapes and such to come too.

5. If you could replace the NZ Anthem what song would you replace it with?

My New Zealand anthem would be “High Heels” by Eyeliner. It is from one of my favourite vaporwave albums that I listened to on YouTube for a while before realising it was Luke from Disaster Radio…. 

6. If you were to pick just one instrument to play for the rest of your life what would it be ( model, colour, instrument )

This is hard, even though I play my hardware instruments less and less…. a Roland Juno 106 through headphones. 

7. Are there any NZ musicians living or dead that you would like to see live

I am not that clued up on New Zealand music, but maybe being able to see New Gum Sarn again.

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