Chat with Gab Bowden | You're So Cool (x4) Show at Olly

Little chat with the Beautiful Gab Bowden about herself and her new show at Olly Cafe!



Opening - 10th of Feb

Work up at Olly Cafe Mt Eden until March!! 

Event page - You're So Cool ( x4 )

Hey Gab! Tell us something brief about yourself and what you do?

I’m twenty, I paint large oil portraits, and I need to go to sleep.


What style of painting would you say you specialise in/ What is your style or most preferred medium and style?

I definitely have fallen into painting crassly large, semi realistic faces, but there’s a lot of room to develop stylistically within that and that’s exciting to me! Painting is cathartic rather than expressive but I’m learning to be at peace with that.




You have been working on large portrait painting for your show at Olly what can you tell us about those paintings and how many are there for sale?

There are five, I’m fond of three, the other two make me incredibly frustrated.


Do you have any creative role models?

All of my friends make in so many different mediums, and that’s wonderful, Alma Proenca, Pippi Nola, Imogen Wilson, Sarah Ujmaia, Nicole Pollard, Esther Ng. There are so many painters I admire but my head isn’t functioning this early in the morning.

What is your inspiration behind your most recent works?

They’re all people I could stare at, and I’m terrified of leaving youth behind.

What are 5 essential things that you need in your environment that for e.g. Help you stay focused / finish painting or keep you creative and inspired.

I need to be alone for about 15 hours a day for the actual painting, but it has to be interrupted regularly with conversation, alcohol, music and sporadically slamming my head into a wall.

Thanks Gab from Gab <33 





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