Christmas Gifts that aren't Socks or Chocolates

Heres a generous list I whipped up to help some hopeless Christmas Shoppers. I'm also aware that Christmas is just mass consumerism at its worst so I wanted to acknowledge some economical options that your friends and family might love. 


( First four photo taken by Eleanor Ozich, and fifth is from

1. Cotton Tote - Totes  bags are functional and super handy!!! A great way to ease into a more eco conscious living and a good way to start getting rid of all the plastic bags brought in from the super market. I use one like this for my groceries but they can be used for anything. You can find then here or here

2. Cotton Produce bags - Similar to the tote bags but great from fruit and veg! Also washable which is also a plus. You can find then here or here

3. Cook Book - A cook book can be a very customisable gift especially if you know what that person enjoys to cook or eat. Finding a book with rich content you know will go down a treat is the perfect gift and believe it or not they can be affordable. You could reach out and find a hard copy ( I recommend going to the women book shop ( Akl ), Mag Nation ( Akl ), Or purchasing an Ebook which supports smaller businesses. 

4. Bees wax wrap - This has to be my fav finds this year. These Bees Wax is an alternative for your average glad-wrap that gets thrown out and put into our landfills. These wraps are reusable and eco friendly plus keep your food fresh and all wrapped up. You can purchase them online here and here, Ive also seen them at various gift shops around Auckland especially on Ponsonby road or you can find them at the Auckland Art Gallery and Bread and Butter Letter ( Akl ).

5. Notebook/ Diary - Another standard gift which can be just right. A lovely notebook or diary is something you wouldn't usually buy for yourself but a great gift to receive. I recommend a moleskine Diary or these gorgeous leather notebooks from Everyday-needs.

6. Artwork - If you mum / mother figure would love receiving s framed picture I totally recommend finding a nice art piece to gift her. This image is a self portrait I commissioned Caitlin She to illustrate which could be something you might want to do for you mum. Otherwise supporting an artists by purchasing one of their works is a great way to find a perfect gift and help an artist out. I recommend going to check out the Monster Valley Gallery in St Kevins arcade/ Te uru gallery / bread and Butter Letter / cross street markets.  



1. Key Ring - Dads and their Key rings! Another one wont hurt. This one is a luxury key ring from Everyday needs that I would personally like in my stocking find it here.

2. Jar of chutney/ kimchi / relish - A Jar of tasty treats always goes down a treat at the table on christmas day so go crazy your dad will love you for it! Find some from Bestie, Simon And lees, Ponsonby central, Esters

3. Coffee voucher - If your dads a coffee addict then a coffee vouchers the way to go. If you know where he likes to go then bingo or take a look at paper boy or Metro top ten issue out now to see Auckland's best Cafes or have a look online if your not in Auckland.

4. Meal on you - Treat him out for a lunch and make him a cute DIY voucher to gift him on christmas day! I highly recommend Simon and Lees In Parnell Ive been there countless times and it always gets a 5 star from me.

5. Good for store - This eco bulk store in Ponsonby has some incredible treasures. I recommend purchasing a glass jar in store and filing it up with some fresh roasted nuts or their chocolate treats and you have the perfect gift I guarantee ( Can also find at huckleberry farm).

6. Keep cup - These babies are incredible. No need to waste a paper cup when your on the go at your coffee shop but take one of these along and you have your very own coffee cup filled with your favourite coffee. A winner of a gift especially for your dad who's running late for work in the morning in need of a coffee. These cups here are actually connected to an app which pays for your coffee / Is more technical which you can purchase at Iko Iko stores or online.

7. Spotify / audible voucher - Defiantly a great gift and you don't need to even leave the house to buy it!! Yuss! Spotify vouchers are great because if your dads someone who loves listening to music they can upgrade to premium making it easy to download whatever they like and listen whenever they like. Or an audible voucher can get them a selection of their own choice of books to listen to. The app is so great for long car rides or down time at home.


1. Pins! - Not the usual gift but I think its super universal and special to receive a nice little pin for Christmas. A small reminder of your friendship or relationship. Id have a look online to find a good pin, You can find when at shops dotted around - They have some great pins at Bread and Butter, I usually find them on etsy or through some artists I follow. The Pins shown are from here and here.

2. Ceramics - I love receiving ceramics or glassware as a gift. A nice mug or dish can last forever and age well ( if not dropped - dont give it to someone with butter fingers ). If your feeling generous you can find some gorgeous mugs from local ceramists / artists some of my favorites are Alma Proenca , Lemon ceramics ( Melb ) or Holly Houston ( She is showing her work at cross street markets this weekend ). Another option is finding  some great pieces at op shops and even some crown lynn hidden amongst the others. 

3. Jewellery - Finding some a nice piece of jewellery wither its a pair of earrings, a single sleeper for a male or necklace etc. can be a timeless gift. Sterling silver can be relatively cheap and finding some local jewellery makers to support is also a great way to be mindful when shopping. I love  ( Shown in the image above), Dangerous goods.

4. Skin care - Sometimes skincare can be hard to get right but things like face masks, Face sprays, moisturisers are a good way to go. If you know they have sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend gifting skincare. I love this face spray byMario badescu and the rest of the range which is sold at Mecca Maxima. The spray is very popular but amazing and works wonders.

5. The Cakers cake mix - Ive heard only good things about these cake mixes and Plus they just look gorgeous and sounds super delicious! You can find it here.

6. Coffee - Again if they love coffee find them a bag of beans you know they will love! I really enjoy eight thirty, supreme coffee and others that are great are flight coffee, and Dukes ( can find both at simon and lees )

7. Book mark / book / magazine - last but not least this gorgeous book mark from good as gold ( here ) could go beautifully with a magazine or book. Mag nation on ponsonby road has all the magazine you could imagine or minerva on Cuba St wellington. Unity book shop/ The Womens book shop Akl are great for a selection of great reads if your looking for a book to gift. 

G x 

Gabrielle Stoddard