Thats a wrap

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In a traditional bloggers fashion its uniform to wave goodbye to the year passed with a single post rambling on and on Don't worry I'm going to try not to do that! I wanted to make a space for a few things that 2017 brought and resolutions I'm hoping to achieve this year. 

As of last year, I started Uni and finished my first year of a Bachelor of visuals arts. From just two semesters I have really found myself in striving to be involved more within the artist's community one step at a time. Finding a independence for my learning and interests while at uni was quite exciting and hopefully will continue this year. 

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As a result of a busy year of Uni, I was able to explore some creative ideas and produce some work. Starting with a collaboration with Dexter ( @DexterMurray ) for monster valley which was illustrations overlapping video footage which was exhibited on the night of their experiment exhibition. I was also included in Zine Festival at Auckland Art Gallery selling some of my zines one being my newest “ you tell me “ which was of anonymous answers to questioned compiled together which was a focus on " un-answered questions ". Then throughout the later months of this year, I worked on a series of halftime screen-prints of old film photographs I had taken which led to a production of T-shirts. I was lucky enough to have them in the passion markets put on my by friends Matt, Karin and Keria, Final Finals christmas markets and the Monster Valley Gallery in St Kevins Archade. It’s surreal to see your work up and out there and I’m so grateful for the response I have had for just the beginning of works from me!! 

I managed to see quite a few artists/ musicians/bands I love last year which is always a highlight. I was lucky enough to interview Frankie Cosmos which Is posted on my blog ( here ). To add to that I had the loveliest conversation with her before her show at Rec and she really is the nicest person. I got to see Connan Mockasin which was 10/10 and another NZ music miracle Aldous Harding at the Civic which was out of this world and one of the best concerts I've been to so far! Aside from that one of my favourite gigs of 2017 would have to be the Big thief who played at the tuning fork. Their delicate yet guitar-heavy songs with incredible vocals and just one of those bands who gel together so immaculately. It’s So hard to pick some favourites but Julia Jacklin was also amazing to see life, I dragged my dad along who is an opera lover and singer himself and he loved it. Last but not least the mayhem which was King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard who played at Whammy Bar in december. A great gig but the mosh wasn't a good decision to start the night in.

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I have to mention working with the incredible Caitlin Shearer. She's a Melbourne based Illustrator who I've followed for quite some time. She was kind enough to help me decorate my blog with some beautiful illustrations which are dotted around the place!!! I'm so grateful for her helping hand and contribution to my blog. Go give her a follow @Caitlin_she! 

Lastly, 2017 really brought me an interest in health and well being. After being diagnosed with a thyroid condition/auto immune disease I've had to take my health into my own hands. I've always been one to eat healthily and try exercise as much as possible but I didn't really know much in depth. Which brings me to my new years resolutions :

Health! - This year health and wellbeing is my biggest goal. Getting my body back to better health and supporting it with natural medicines and diet to heal. All advised by a doctor of course. Drinking more water, Getting fresh air you get the gist.

Positivity - Yeah I'm actually not the best at this so its time I make a conscious effort to stop complaining about many things that at the end of the day don't actually matter. 

Be my own artists - Sounds kinda strange but a goal of mine is to try and not compare myself with other creatives. Its one of my biggest fallbacks when it comes to creating because I stop and look at what they have done or what I haven't thought of doing. I'm lucky to be surrounded by such talented people which is a huge motivation and shouldn't stop me from making my own work.

communication - Last year this was my new year's resolution and I think I achieved it well. I want to keep continuing to communicate and resit always being submissive in most situations. Be able to stand up for myself and others and generally communicate what I need and what I think is important and beneficial for others to know. 

Thanks to all of you who were a big part of last year and I have faith that 2018 will be a cracker! Sending my love to all! Look out for my next post focusing a music roundup of 2017 woohoo!

Gabrielle Stoddard