2016 is now long gone and its time to find new music favs. I tend to find myself looking through the archives when it comes to the music I listened to in the past year so I  thought it would be appropriate to share a post dedicated to all the music that I put on repeat from Jan-Dec 2016! Buckle up I'm quite the music hoarder.

 - Top 10 Artists ( no particular order ) -

1. Mitski

2. Julia Jacklin

3. Angel Olsen

4. Kane strang

5. Frankie Cosmos

6. Alex Calder

7. Connan Mockasin

8. Alex G

9. Sheep, dog and wolf

10. king krule

 - Top 10 Bands -

1. BadBadNotGood

2. Teen suicide

3. Faux Fur

4.  Big Theif

5. Palace

6. Mothers

7. King Gizzard and the lizard wizard

8. Daughter

9. Homeshake

10. DIIV

 - NZ -

1. Courtney Hate!

2. Fazerdaze

3. Zen mantra

4. The chills

5. Bensin

6. Connan Mocksin

7. Kane Strang

8. So Laid Back Country China

9. Mermaidens

10. Miss June

11. P.H.F

12. Charlie Freak

- LIVE! -

1. Yoko-Zuna

2. Bleached

3. Beach house!

4. Courtney Barnett

5. Hockey Dad


Lost In the night ( EP ) / so long forever ( Album ) - Palace

Its been one of those albums I can never get sick of. It's very dynamic, rich and almost a definite density to the layers of the songs involved. One of those albums which gets me every time!

Soft Hair - Soft Hair 

Pop collab between Connan Mockasin ( NZ ) and Sam Dust ( UK ) apparently a side project hiding away for 5 year and finally saw the light of day in 2016! Wow such a good Album I still can't truly get over it. 

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - skeleton tree 

A musical highlight for many in 2016 and a particularly sad album which portrays such power and undesirable emotion. The intensity of the album is quite incredible and the songs within this album can take you to many different places! 

Oshin - DIIV

Digging back through the archives and retrieved after hearing them at Laneway his past year! This album is a golden one and it brings back good memories. Just some nice beachy / pop / post punk vibes which I enjoy. Sounds superb on vinyl and I could listen to it anytime of the day

Egospect - Sheep, Dog & Wolf

Hands down one of my favourites! I listen to this in the shower, bus, train, car, when I'm falling asleep, everywhere! The execution of musical talent throughout this album is so inspiring and only makes me want to pick up an extended list of instruments. I drool over the drum beats in each song and harmonies especially in egospect!

Not To Disappear - Daughter

Daughters music has always had a special soft spot in my heart. This Album however has been one of my favourites yet. Quite sweet and salty and I find myself engaged with the music and the beat of each individual song. Daughters music contains and evokes a range of emotions and this album is for sure a good one to crack out when your feeling a little but down or want a quiet moment to yourself while blasting this in some headphones.

Don’t Let the Kids Win - Julia Jacklin

I was hooked when Julia Jacklin released her singles this year and when her album came out I was stocked! Im surprised because I've never come to like the pop-country sound but something about her lyrics and voice is so captivating. Im looking forward to seeing her live sometime soon!

Stratosphere - Duster

A golden Oldie that I couldn't get enough of in 2016! This album truly supported my lower moods and less eventful days. So artistic and Contemporary in the best possible ways!

Blue Cheese - Kane strang

A moment of silence for this 10/10 album and I don’t think I’m alone on thinking that. Kane strangs music is best described as off-kilter, indie rock. From Dunedin NZ he has beautiful honest lyrics which can resonate with many of us. I got to see him play in August and it was incredible especially since he doesn't play live very often. 

Faux fur - Faux fur

Post punk album of my dreams! Super relaxed but addicting. Heart warming at times but generally amazing tunes!

Dream vanity - BRONCHOS

Rock - punk album with fascinating guitar chords and vocals including numerous other layers! Super easy to shuffle through and thoroughly enjoy for any mood. Foot tapping tunes for sure!

Gawk / Antics - Vuldabear

Superb Rock albums! Really hard to pick just one album from them so I included two. Intense amazing drums and crazy good vocals which tend to help me wake up in the morning! Gentle but intense all at once! Each album has a point of difference involving the sound and stream of songs but again I could easily put the albums on repeat any day of the week.

Masterpiece - Big thief

Ohh, Such a tear jerker this has been in the year of 2016 for me but I'd say one of my most cherishable discoveries! Such stunning songs mixing both upbeat with more gentle rock tunes. I would highly recommend! 

Next thing - Frankie Cosmos

Frankie cosmos music would have to be an essential in any playlist of mine in 2016. Next thing would have to be one of my favourite collections of her music but it's really hard to pick just one! I just love Frankies voice and simplicity of her music! 

Teen Dream - Beach house

After witnessing their magic at laneway I've never looked back, truly amazing, incredible sound and combination of instruments. Such delicately depicted creations and as good recorded as live. Jaw-dropping, Tear jerking music that should be highly appreciated ( A lil dramatic of me but I love them!)

 Nonagon infinities - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

This album sure did give me my daily dose of crazy Rock, I'm not even sorry that my neighbours could hear this album from my window! It's great good energetic vibe and fun!


Gone, Race - Alex G

Alex G's music in general sweetened the year of 2016 for me, with soft, emotional and gentle tunes. The delicacy of his voice and skill is so stunning and I will for sure continue to enjoy his music like I did in 2016. Hard to pick just one album but my two favourites would have to me - After your Gone and Race

Mothers - When you walk a long distance you are tired

Best described as folk-influenced indie rock. The band Mothers work is admirable. The album “ when you walk a long distance you are tired “ contain topics and lyrics so relatable and strong accompanied by great vocals, guitar, bass and drums. 

Mermaidens - Undergrowth 

Wellington ( NZ ) band who killed it in 2016! Got to see them play live a hand full of times throughout the year and they never disappoint! Mysterious indie rock / psych-pop sound created by the 3 piece band. Their album Undergrowth was something I truly loved in 2016 and really appreciated the unique qualities Mermaidens brought to the general NZ music scene.