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A little Q and A with 1/3 of Courtney Hate to celebrate their new EP and share their EP Release party dates!! 

<a href="">Sleepwalking by Courtney Hate</a>

1. Describe the EP in a few words

Ruby :

Just generally whatever comes to mind when you think of Sleepwalking lol 

Xanthe : 

Bad mental health haha

Jami :

Uhh sleepwalking upstream underwater in a muddy swamp with purple toes and there’s also a full moon shining

2. How does it feel to release your very first EP!

Ruby :

It feels so good! It’s kind of a relief to know that, now we have that out of the way, we can really focus on writing and I’m really excited for that. I’m really proud of us though for what we’ve achieved.

Xanthe :

Yeah it's so great to get it out of the way and also give something to our audience who have been waiting patiently and eagerly! 

Jami :

It’s such a relief to just finally get the damn thing finished and it’s also extremely gratifying to have my vulnerabilities out on display and still appreciated (even if just by some)

3. What's your personal favourite song on the EP and why

Ruby :

My personal favourite is ‘This is not ironic watch me while cry’ because  I really like the sound of it and it's a sound I’ve been wanting for while both as a band and for me personally so it feels good to have done that.

Xanthe :

Yeah I agree with ruby, it’s kind of thrashy which I guess is a snapshot

 of the new direction we might be heading in?

Jami :

Definitely “This is not Ironic, watch me while i cry” simply because it made me realise that “magic of music” that everyone talks about. The songwriting process was super healing and has helped me overcome a lot of the suppressed emotions, both writing and performing it. It’s liberating to repeatedly face difficult circumstances and to then find a positive outlet which allows you to process them again and again until the pain numbs/the issue turns into acceptance.

4. What's something about the recording process you have learnt during recording this EP

Ruby :

For me it was mainly just knowing that it's ok to be picky, like it's important to get the sound that you want and that you're happy with and you shouldn’t have to just go with something just to please people, which is what I’ve struggled with sometimes before so that was really helpful. I’m very thankful that Chris (White) who recorded us understood and was supportive of that.

Jami :

Contrastingly for me, it was about learning that not everything can be perfect. To trust my abilities/contribution and to allow the flaws to become a part of our art. Without those flaws the music becomes a creation of how you want to be seen rather than a representation of who you are and what has influenced the music, which for this EP I believe is a really important aspect. 

5. Is there anything you want the listeners to know when they listen to your new music? 


: A

h I guess when I hear it for me it's all these different parts that create this one sound that's saying or portraying the same thing so I don’t know I guess having an open mind to that.


: Listen with some good headphones to truly appreciate!



I was once told to never assume that a songwriter is writing about themselves/reflecting on their own experiences (both musically and lyrically). This may not be the case for the lyrics/vocals in this EP, however, I still think it is an open-minded approach to listening to music which doesn’t encroach on a songwriters expression of self. It also allows you to listen to the music piece as a whole and to reflect upon yourself, which is probably more beneficial for the songwriter and listener (lol @ my fear of being misunderstood). Oh yeah and good headphones, don’t be a lame-o 

6. Are you planning to have an EP release gig / upcoming plans



yeah on the 16th of December at Fuzzy Vibes check the Courtney Hate page for further updates and details



YE BOIII and if someone could make our dream of being given free stuff by a cool brand a reality we would definitely allow that to be a plan made into action wassup 

EP Release Party x Hook Up Culture Zine Release! 

Event page - 

event/ CH EP Release Party

Friday the 16th of December 

Including performances from 





and of course the incredible Courtney Hate who will be performing their new EP!

We will have limited physical copies of the Ep for sale. 

$10 entry.

$15 with Ep.

HUC Zines!!!! ( Most coming soon ) 

-Hook Up Culture-

The HUC zine will also be released and available to purchase! HUC is a zine analysing hook up culture amongst youth in our society, a project by the talented gals Xanthe Brookes and Gabrielle Stoddard.

Zines will be $10. Limited copies.

Posters $5.


FB - 


If your In Auckland make sure you head to the Release Party to support Courtney Hate and HUC Zine!!! You won't be disappointed!