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Gab = Always over committing usually to-do lists scattered throughout my room and a pile of un-completed assignments staring at me from my desk. I find myself feeling stressed a little to often so I thought Id share some of my tips and strategy of how I help subside my anxiety. Prepare yourself for my inner motherly nature and inner psychologist voice breaking its way out.  


Make a to-do list! 

When hell lets loose and your having a bad hair day and you have a stack of unfinished assignments staring at you from your desk.. first take a breath. Drinking and indulging in sweets isn't the best option. To-do lists get me through any stressful days, having the many things your needing to do out of your busy brain and onto a piece of paper is really handy and can help you look at it in a positive perspective. I also recommend getting some funky sticky notes from your nearest dollar store to help you jot down those thoughts.

2). Look at one thing at a time!

One of my biggest tips would try your best to look at one thing at a time. It's very daunting when you have a huge never-ending list of things to do and it just seems like there is no time to complete everything. Try focus on just one thing at a time and complete them one step at a time. This tip was given to me by a friend and helped me a lot. 

3). Do something that energises you

Wether you enjoy dancing to your favourite songs, Taking a long walk, talking to a friend for hours upon hours, sipping on a coffee or watching an episode of your favourite tv show. Make room for an activity that will help energises you and free some stress. tip - Fresh air is good for the brain so step outside it will help.

4). sleep, eat repeat 

a). Ive had some sleepless nights making sure details are perfecto for scholarships, essays etc, but yeah sometimes sleep is sacrificed. Maybe its just me but sleep is important and I'm all for a good beauty sleep.  

b). Food yes!

keep up good eating habits and monitor your rubbish eating habits. balance your intake of good carbs, proteins and sugars, vegies and fruits to make sure your feeling well and healthy. Drink heaps of water to! I always forget that step but being hydrated it one hell of a good tip.   

5). stretch / breath / do some physical exercise

Keeping your body happy is pretty key and such a great way of releasing stress especially through releasing toxins through activities which increases heart rate and helps you realise sweat.

When stress becomes overbearing all you want to do is sleep it off but I 100% recommend doing some sort of physical exercise it will make you feel much better.  

6). Get some inspiration

Scroll through your favourite social media sites, Go see a band you enjoy live, Go to your favourite coffee shop, go see an exhibition your fond of. Get some inspiration to keep you chugging on.

7). Sit, Think and Breath

break it down, why are you stressed. Is there a major event bringing this tension on, do you need to talk to someone who can help. From personal experiences I realised that a particular detail or aspect of my life was the root cause of any anxiety or stress I may have and sometimes I blow things out of proportion and build up unwanted stresses.

Thoughts - Your brain is the powerhouse of stress and built Anxiety branches out to symptoms like racing heart rates and tense muscles etc. Try revert your tense thoughts into a more manageable one. Try challenge yourself to speak back to your stressful dialogue in your head maybe by starting with times when  you hear " I cant do this " " Im to stressed " replace it with " This is do-able " " Things will be fine ". Its sounds quite cliche but when you master relaxing the bad thought with good one there will be a positive change and dealing with stress will become easier.

8). Put yourself first sometimes..

Im no expert but Ive notices a majority of the people around me tend to always put other first. Thats by no means a bad thing but it is extremely important to also equally put yourself first in times off need. If you're not coping remember that you need to extrovert a bit of selfishness and make sure you know you matter and that if you are always caring for others they should be returning the favour when you need them. 

9).  Write it down

Write a single feeling or a page long entry of whats going on in your head, Write down whatever comes to mind and don't over think it, let those feelings and restricting thoughts exit your mind. 

10). Don't be a perfectionist.

Again I know many many people struggle with perfectionism and I'm not going to make it sound like you can get rid of this mindset in a click of a finger but its healthy to try improve this habit of always making sure your performing to your personal perfect expectations. Remember that perfect things simply don't exist and letting that stress of making things perfect will add to your own stress and make things harder to complete.

ps. I made a number 11 because usually id like to keep it to a nice rounded number of 10 but to push my perfectionism out of the way I added one more tip to subside my clean number of 10 haha - have to start somewhere right?!

11).  Make the best playlist ever

If your like me music is definitly one tool to help manage stress. Its defiantly an auditory strategy and helps calm any anxiety. Im always making playlists and this one Is on shuffle 24/7 at the moment.

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