A Q & A with Ekho Threads




1. You describe your clothing as " hand crafted clothing to inspire and satisfy the creative spirit " What does that mean to you and the brand as a whole? do you stand by any morals and values which inspire your work?

That phrase is very important to me and as a brand. I feel that I need to broadcast that all of Ekho Threads' items are handcrafted individually and from scratch by me, because it's very important to me and I know that having hand crafted clothing is also very important to other people. I also think it's important to be as transparent as possible as a brand, as it's only fair for customers to know what they are buying, and who they are supporting. I want to continually inspire and satisfy creative spirits/people with my clothing, I forever want people to be intrigued and happy with the clothes I create, and recognise them as something they have never really seen before. Because, if I can't bring something fresh to the table as a designer, what's the point? 

A key moral that I stand by is the movement 'slow fashion.' It's so nice to slow things down in the fashion industry and to have clothes that are made fairly by people rather than being churned out quickly by machines. Clothes that have been made according to the movement of slow fashion connects maker to wear in a way that fast fashion could never achieve. I also try to incorporate recycled/vintage fabrics into most Ekho Threads pieces to make sure I am creating as minimal waste as possible. As for inspiration, I am constantly inspired by my surroundings, whether it be people including the fashion styles of different creative people, nature or my own imagination! 

2. What influenced you to start up Ekhothreads?

Well it all started when I hand painted a design onto a t-shirt one time (it was a giraffe hahaha). I also had always really enjoyed sewing since I learnt how to do so in school, and I started coming up with ideas of pieces of clothing that I could create and I thought; "Hey! I really want to start sharing what I am doing with others, make a brand for myself, I think I'll really enjoy it!".

3. If you could name 10 most influential creatives who would be on that list?

oooo that's a hard one! 

I'll have to say:

1) I'm really quite in love with the New Zealand brand Lonely!

2) Georgia O' Keeffe. 

3) Chloë Sevigny (who doesn't love her?) 

4) Wes Anderson 

5) I love Holly Houstons' ceramic work, so simple and beautiful. 

6) Mirador (designer/brand) 

7)  Ophelia Mikkelson, NZ artist of many kinds. 

8) Alexa Chung and her effortless coolness. 

9) The wonderful photographers I have recently worked with, Nicole Brannen, Ruby Harris and Evangeline Davis. 

10) My wonderful friends and family who inspire and influence myself and my work everyday! 

4. Is fashion / clothing  something you have always been interested in? 

I have always been very passionate about fashion/clothing. The earliest memory I have of displaying love for clothing is when I was three years old and complimented my nana on her velvet-y pants!

5. What are some of your favourite looks / styles currently?

 I love natural tones and keeping things simple, with a touch of excitement in my outfits this lately! So simple and 'effortless' looking get ups, with maybe a splash of pink or some cute earrings. As for specific styles, I'm not really sure honestly! What I love about fashion currently is that there isn't really one style to define our era, people seem quite free to express themselves through their own style. 

6. Have you got any upcoming projects / clothing pieces in the making? 

 Yes I certainly do! I have a new collection on the way, one of my personal favourites so far! And I have some dreamy photo shoots and collaborations being planned, so keep your eyes peeled everyone! <3

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