I had the pleasure of having a chat with Matt Hurley creator of a brand new label called " Burgundy ". I asked him some Questions about his new brand and what inspired him to create his products. 

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1) How did Burgundy come about ? - How did your label form?

It all really started when I was doing a printmaking assignment at Uni at the beginning of this year. We were doing heat transfers onto fabric as part of a workshop and I had brought in a couple of old photos of my Mum from a family album. I'd always wanted to make my own clothes and had been drawing ideas but didn’t really know how to go about it until that point. After that I started to make one-offs for my friends and people off Instagram then it built up from there.

2) What/Who are some of your design inspirations?

I really love Fucking Awesome’s class photo prints that Jason Dill occasionally releases, you can kinda draw comparisons between those and the 1974/76 tees. On the whole though I think super saturated colours and certain colour palettes are sick and inspire me the most with what I'm doing currently.

3) Is this going to be an on-going project? will you be adding to your collection?

For sure! Burgundy is a brand now. This whole collection was loosely based on memories, I took all the pictures for the prints myself so every print and design has a meaning in some way or another. 

4) What are your intention behind this clothing label?

Ultimately to make things that I can share with other people to enjoy, but I also just treat it as a creative outlet to make stuff in whatever form I think is nice. 

5) who are your favourite creators? (artists, musicians, designers etc.)

Musically, Earl Sweatshirt is my favourite artist by far. Designers would definitely have to be Virgil Abloh. Gerhard Richter and David Hockney are cool visual artists too. 

To be honest though I’m very keen on the fact that all my friends and many other people are starting things up and creating on their own now, just producing whatever the hell they want whether it's music or film or something else, and putting it out there and making it happen.