This post has been pending for a few weeks and was a work in progress but Its finally done! I wanted to create some sort of fashion post celebrating the past event known as New Zealand Fashion week that I fortunately attended from Monday through to Thursday.  I made sure to document my so called outfits for you all in a very typical bloggers fashion which is something I haven't exactly done before but I gave it a go.

 I personally stressed having to arrive and feel under dressed or not accepted but I was surprised that I calmly accepted that nzfw is defiantly a place not to worry about your style and a place to embrace it. I had a wonderful chat to an exquisitely dressed woman who had an evidently different look on each day ( One day in a full Maori cultural gown and another day head to toe in sparkles ) and we discussed that fashion is one of the many ways to fully express your internal self on the outside and that people really shy away from it. Her confidence radiated and her outfits really showed her inner self love and confidence which was amazing. I fond myself continuously proud that I was able to wear the outfits I have planned before the week started and not feeling the need to change into something else that would make me " fit into the crowd ". I was immensely inspired by all the incredible street style in which only made me want to push my fashion boundaries and try something new. 

An extra thank you to those who took photos of my outfits also and all the amazing people I met at the event! 

Hope you enjoy keep and eye out for my fashion week related posts. 

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