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Recently I've had an overwhelming realisation that half of the year has now passed and I am left with less then 10 weeks of High school remaining. Starting with just recently being graced with the age of 18 and all the doubting responsibilities I can only imagine will follow. Besides from that I have been tastefully decorating my work desk/my bedroom floor with mountains of assignments to be finished and long To do lists which sit there starring at me. This year thats passing has greeted me with some immensely great opportunities and some very thought provoking moments that are sitting at the back of my brain waiting to be unleashed and used in some way or another. Along with the drag of school work my mind of ideas and want to create has been taking over. I thought I should outline a few things I'm currently working on and share them with you all.

Hook Up culture Zine

Ive been working on a zine with my friend Xanthe called " Hook up culture " We set out to explore the knowledge and understanding behind the so called " culture " of hooking up, well at least the recurring actions of youth in this generation when it comes to love and lust. We want to break the barrier of nervousness which comes with talking about the topics within hook up culture and communicate the reality of how uniform this culture has become in our society. We have received a great amount of feedback and material to help us compose our first zine coming out soon! We appreciate any submission wether it is photo media, written material or visual communication ( illustration, drawing etc ) about your thoughts and feeling surrounding the culture of hooking up and wether you feel like you are immersed in the culture yourself. If your interested in getting involved email us at 

Xanthe | 35mm - Xanthe and I are working on a series/project called ' Hook up culture ' In which we want to explore messages and knowledge surrounding this topic. We have received a great amount of feed back and thoughts in the survey we shared to our friends and from this following information we are documenting our experiences of learning and educating ourselves within the topic. In saying this our intentions is to create written and photographic material to demonstrate clear and honest representations of ' hook up culture '. We want to break the barrier of nervousness which comes with talking about this topic and communicate the reality of how uniform this culture has become in our society. In order to make this a clear representation we appreciate any thoughts.For anyone who would be interested in contributing whether it is answering our Survey anonymously, flicking us an email, or being interested in joining us with creating the content! ( note! Anyone is valued and welcome to be Involved in partaking in this important discussion! Gay,straight,taken,single or anything else!!!!) We are working on a Zine to possibly have at ZineFest 2016 in Auckland and are looking for those interested in being photographed ( preferably being comfortable with intimate - not explicate- images or single shots of individuals! We also would love visual submissions ( illustrations, quotes, opinion, photographs ) which represents your thoughts on 'hook up culture'. DM us for more info or email us at - G&X
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Work with Black Magazine 

In the past few Months Ive been privileged to work with Black Magazine first featuring in one of their online issues and seconding interviewing some exceptionally talented young creatives from Auckland for a part of the magazine called " young, gifted and free " also featuring a few of my event photography shots. Being able to be included in opportunities like these have been incredibly eye opening and my appreciation for behind the scenes and the dedication of those who create and put effort into every last detail is totally remarkable. The experience of being able to attend the shoot, write and help make this article come to gather has really motivated me to want success. Also the honour of being credited for writing or photographing gives me an indescribable


I interviewed some crazy talented Auckland creatives for Black Mags ' young gifted and free ' in their 25th issue!! + a few of my gig snaps
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New Photography Website

Recently I've been working on a new photography website which will be launched very soon! Its simple and I'm hoping it will have good purpose. Ive been doing quite a bit of personal photography work and also working for other publications. I do quite a bit of Music photography in the Auckland music scene which I really enjoy doing and its helped me push myself and improve my skills. Ill make sure to make a post about the new website coming up! keep an eye out :)) 

Next year

 Ek! Next years creeping up which means no more school and the possibly of university. Im having to come to terms with many people in my life moving away and the instant reality of change. Im in the mids of deciding where I want to go with my career pathway which is pretty daunting to say the least. Im sure I'm not the only one worrying about the road bumps making an appearance in the future but I think for now creating and visual art is something that I am heavily passionate in which is a good start I reckon. Looking forward to a change and independence that is to follow graduating high school.. F*n Finally 

Fashion week

So Im attending NZ fashion week as a Blogger running from the 22nd-28th of August which = The task of choosing numerous outfits, many photos, and updates / reviews that will be posted (I'm hoping!) Im looking forward to the experience and to view so many talented fashion enthusiast works which I admire daily.

My recent playlist

A playlist seeping with songs I've loved over the past year! To many to pinpoint as my favs but heres a decent list

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