New Bassist Nick! 

Callum - Very recently, we got a new bass player, Nick V. Lehtola. He has been a close mate for a long while and has recently become a vital asset to the band. Since Nick joined us, the band has only improved. We all have a good old laugh and get along like a pair of pliers. Nick can speak 23 different languages and he was born in a few different countries so we like to call him 'The Unknown', which is pretty metal. Nick - Being in the band has been a great experience so far especially since I've been mates with James and Callum for a long time now so we seem connect quite easily as a band. I hope that in the future we achieve as much as we possibly can and spread our music across the world so everyone can be influenced by it.

New Album!

James - The album is titled “The Tale of Wesfrances Taylor” This album is kind of our first professionally approached record, rather than just something we threw together in our bedroom studio. We recorded it at The Lab studios in Mt eden, which is a seriously beautiful studio, and studio A happens to be the exact room where my grandparents had their first dance, which led to 59 years of marriage, which I thought was wicked. The sound is pretty different to what we are used to creating, a lot tighter, and in our opinion a lot better. It’s a narrative based album, about the life of a man named Wesfrances Taylor, each song tells his story, it’s a real journey. We’re hoping for it to be released in Summer 2016.

Make sure to support these very talented lads and give their current music a listen. Keep your eyes peeled for their new music and work with new bassist Nick!! Best of Luck to you three.



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