May is unfortunately coming to an end which means so is New Zealand Music Month. May Marks the Month that specifically highlights and celebrates a month full of musical talent throughout New Zealand. Since 2000 there has been 31 days that share, praise and enjoy NZ music more then any other month in the year. Old, New and Upcoming music is shared across the nation promoting great musicians to appreciate their talents and successes. I uphold our views and history of the music culture of New Zealand and I personally enjoy the diversity of Music our country has to offer.

I recommend you get stuck into the musical talent coming out of NZ because I think its fab!! Nothing better them enjoying the tunes created in your environment. I also highly recommend

 checking out NZ Music Month's website which includes lots of groovy info and events including great artists and bands from all around NZ. Some great sources to discover new music and music coming from NZ head to

not only are they such a 

great radio station to tune into they have supported NZ music month with spectacular performances from a range or local artists and bands, Head to their website and iTunes to hear great podcast and performances!! Adding to great publications to hear about the latest music coming from NZ is

 they don't disappoint with daily updates, events, photographs and music of course!

Im a massive follower of NZ Music wether it is old or new so I thought it would be fitting to put together a small playlist to highlight some of my top picks!

I could fully share 100+ songs but I 

refrained instead I created this short visual List of Songs that Ive always and currently enjoy. Also an additional Spotify playlist with more of a crazy selection! 

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