Decorated Documentary film series ( 2015-2016 )

- Update -

Ive been quite a busy being and this chunk of the year has been throwing me crazy opportunities! I have been growing my passion for the music world and taking a bunch of photographs anywhere and everywhere! Im also on an on-going fight with the unbelievably crazy amount of school work piling up which is a work in progress but thats normal for every student I'm sure! I have been working on numerous posts for example, More Interviews with great bands and musicians, Hopefully more music and photography related posts and hopefully more submitted photography series! Thank you all for your patience and support its been crazy cool hearing that you appreciate my content! Its been about 3 years since I started this little blog of mine and Im really quite glad I've been able to share it with you all! I am truly humbled with being able to share aspects of my sometimes interesting life and the magnificent talented people and projects that I'm surrounded with!