Me and the Girls from Peachy Keen Mag ( Karin , Kizzie & Xanthe ) were invited to spend a day at Go Jo's recycled boutique photographing outfits from the endless racks of the 


 collection of clothing. We also got to speak to the very beautiful Jo who runs Go Jo's and I asked her a few Questions. 

1. Tell us about yourself 

Hi my name is Jo, I am the owner of GoJo recycle store. I spent my life working with women in hair, makeup and women's fitness and motivation. 

2.  Tell us about Go Jo’s ( What kind of store is it , how long have you been running it , What does it provide for its visitors )

The store is about encouraging people to dress up and be free to express themselves through exploring their style. Also a place where we collect and restore beautiful, interesting and even ugly pieces that tell a story. 

3. Who / What Inspires you ?

Coco Chanel for breaking down barriers and being true to herself. 

4. What is something that makes you feel empowered ?

A great dress!

5. Ive spoken to you about the importance of wearing clothes that make you feel good and that express yourself externally , have you got any advice for people who are trying to find their style and express themselves through clothing ?

Use resources such as magazines, books and old movies and taking pieces from those and making it your own. 

If you connect with the style you will own the look rather than copying someone. 

6. Why do you value recycling clothing and op-shopping 

I love the individuality that comes from owning pieces that you reinvent from another era or season. 

There is so much waste in the world where fast fashion renders clothing undesirable soon after purchasing. 

Whereas the thrill of finding a unique piece can last for years!

7. Do you personally think it is important to support recycle boutiques / op shops more then clothing franchises ?

Yes I do! There are no independent run recycle clothing stores in West Auckland anymore (apart from me) - they are all charity run. 

Recycle stores add interest and diversity in the retail market. 

8. What is some advice you would tell your younger self today ? I was Lucky to go spend a day with the girls from peachy keen mag at Go Jo's recycle boutique trying on her fabulous collection go clothing and photographing out outfits.

I would tell myself not to worry so much, and you don't need to know everything. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Because everything you do builds on the foundations of who you are going to become and even when things go wrong you will realise they are an important part of your life experience.

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Photo credit to the amazing Karin Yamasaki 

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