Its obviously not a secret that music is a first priority in my day as for many people I hope. 2015 was without a doubt one of the coolest years regarding the world of music for me. It was filled with new music discoveries, new genres, music appreciation and even personal value for the music I love. It was harder then I thought to collect all my most listened to music from the past year so Ive searched high and low for my top of the tops !


<a href="">Gymkhana by Host Club</a>

<a href="">Made In Nippon by Charlie Freak</a>

<a href="">Morning Shakes by Moses Gunn Collective</a>

<a href="">New Gold Mountain by New Gum Sarn</a>

<a href="">Paper Mâché Dream Balloon by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard</a>

<a href="">Depression Cherry by Beach House</a>

<a href="">Thank Your Lucky Stars by Beach House</a>

<a href="">Haxel Princess by Cherry Glazerr</a>

<a href="">Wondrous Bughouse by Youth Lagoon</a>

<a href="">The Year of Hibernation by Youth Lagoon</a>

<a href="">Scavenger by Fleece</a>

<a href="">Bon Iver by Bon Iver</a>

<a href="">IN THE SHOWER by HOMESHAKE</a>

<a href="">The EP by Fields*</a>

I have been an avid listener of full albums this year and I have been persistently listening to full albums on repeat and for me I think thats definitely a reflection of my small patience growing. There have been an unbelievable amount of new and old discovers and re discoveries. I have added a reasonable collection of the albums i have highly enjoyed throughout the year of 2015 from a range of local Bands / musicians to more popular albums but non the less they are all fabulous to me!

Host club - Gymkhana

You may recognise this band from my very first bands of Auckland series interview! Host club are a local band from Auckland full of fresh artistic sounds and good tunes! I have thoroughly enjoyed their most recent EP Gymkhana and after seeing them play there new tracks at a few gigs I was somewhat hooked into there

individual sounds and upbeat funky songs. I just really recommend getting into your own local music and appreciating the great talent you are surrounded by.

Charlie Freak - Made in Nippon

Another local band to me is Charlie Freak and their Album Made in Nippon has been frequently on repeat since being released not so long ago. I was privileged to go and meet the band and include them in my auckland band series which will be up soon. Their newest Album jumped to my most listened to in a few days which is a record I would say! The album has such a likeable sound and is so attractive in the sense that it is easy to listen to but has so much dimension. My long train ride to work would not have been the same if I didn't have Made in Nippon blasting through my headphone the whole trip. 

 Moses gunn collectives - Morning shakes

One of my happiest discoveries! Moses gunn collectives have been such a catch for me this year ! just ah! To me the rhythms and riffs are so captivating and clean and every time I listen to this album there is always something new and interesting I discover about it. Morning shakes is just one of many albums I love listening to and I think I equally like mercy mountain another popular album of theirs.

New Gum Sarn - New gold mountain

Another Auckland band who has been quite successful in the past year is New Gum Sarn and their album new gold mountain. I think this album is very original and like many new Zealand bands and artists they have a very new sound that has a lot of depth and artistic culture. I have been to a few gigs that they have played at and their relaxed energy and connection with their music can be noticed through their music and overall sound. I think this album is golden and I could easy say it was one of my favourites of 2015.

King gizzard & the lizard wizard - paper Mache balloon

A recent favourite and an album I was introduced to later in the year of 2015 but really like a lot! The jazzy quirky sounds are very pleasing and this album in particular is very uplifting and is a easy listen. I particularly love kind gizzard & the lizard wizard because of use of classical instruments. Not many people know but I have played the flute for about 7 years now ( haha yup ) and it makes me so happy to hear instruments like the flute , clarinet and other instruments like the double pass , ukulele , violin etc etc. because it really adds such a different flavour to the sound of the music.

Beach house - depression cherry + thank you Lucy star

one great band and two great albums !!! good tunes , electric beats. Their music and all Beach house music is very dreamy , dark and alluring hypnotic.

Cherry glazer - hazel princess

alt / rock / noise pop band with cool sounds and a variety of songs thats evoke different emotions, feelings and thoughts. I enjoy this album a lot I think it blends well with the type of music I liked this year and makes some dull moments more boisterous and relaxing.

Youth lagoon - wondrous bughouse + the year of hibernation

Youth lagoon have always been a music favorited of mine but in the past year particularly these two albums have been replaying a lot! I turn to these more when Im enjoying quite time or when I simply can't sleep at night and my mind is overly busy. I think the tracks on both albums are soothing and simple and gently beautiful. 17, canons and mute are my top 3 favs from both albums.

Fleece - Scavenger

I found this album through a hilarious video on youtube called "

how to write an alt-j song

" which was made by the guys from the band fleece. After watching this video 10 times I looked at their other videos which included their music and this album which I continued

to listen to. Quality rocky tunes which I would love to see live.

Bon Iver - Bon iver

A classic album that has been much loved by many people. This album was defiantly a re discovery and came in good use when I needed something to relax to. The silent delicacy that this album extroverts is so calming and if I ever had an album playing through flashbacks of my life or my life as a film ( haha ) then this would be it.

HOMESHAKE - In the shower

One of those albums that are always always shuffling as many of my favourite  albums have been throughout 2015 ( continuing into 2016 )! Super relaxed songs that are very laid back and rather jazzy.

Mac Demarco - Salad days

Ah the never disappointing Mac Demarco I must say I've always been a fan of his! As far as albums I think salad days would have be my favourite but I love them all! Another album of his that I could listen to all day is “2” I find his music cruisy  and original. I think Mac Demarco's sounds are being recognised as very original and creating  a good audience for the type of sound he portrays.

King Krule - King Krule

King Krule one of my favourite artists currently has really captured creativity through his music and I've been very captivated by his music. His music captures his low soulful voice , jazzy attributes , trip hop genre sounds , hiphop , poetic lyrics and get contracts of lyrics and musical cords and sounds.  

Tame Impala - Currents

Im sure most of you are aware of the very successful band Tame Impala with lead singer Kevin Parker and if you aren’t I highly recommend you give them a listen. Their album currents would have to be one of my favourites for 2015! I think its an album of variety and such inspiring tunes that are super catchy. their music is described as spacey, guitar-heavy psychedelic pop which I agree sums up their sound very well! I went to see a show they played in Auckland in November and I still can't get over how great they played live and how fascinating their visual affects and sound was overall.

Ty segall - Goodbye bread ,melted ,lemons

Three albums from Ty segall were undoubtably my favourites and obviously I can't get enough. Very rocky and stripped down with some retro style added. I find myself really getting into it and I defiantly will be replaying these albums on long road trip / car rides , beach days , or slow boring days ( anytime really ). 

Fields - The EP

Last but not least an album by Fields* NZ  who are no longer playing together but have continued on by a different name called wellington poetry club.This album is a spooky , relaxed , deep acoustic sound and really hooks you in. I interviewed fields when they were together which is up now and was nice meeting them and talking about their value for music and being in a band. I remember their set that I watched being very captivating  and the whole audience was mesmerised and silent. Ive seen then play at a few gigs a couple of times because they are a fairly local band to me and their music is very satisfying to listen to and great live to engross yourself in the environments sound. 

I have really enjoyed my local bands and musicians and my passion for discovering more and more has grown over the past year which hopefully has been portrayed through my bands of auckland series on my blog. I have discovered many amazing musicians while doing this and feel very privileged to have met so many talented people. I have included a few albums / singles that you might recognise from previous interviews like Host Club ( Album Gymkhana ) , Yukon Era ( Ur worst nightmare - Vietnam man ) , and Charlie Freak ( interview coming soon ) ( Album Made in Nippon ).


I have also collected all of my favourite songs from the last year, A very random selection of new and old , rock - alt - jazzy funk also more local/NZ music to more popular artists/bands. Each song had a particular time and moment that I had some connection and attraction to it so its really hard to pick specific favorited which is why I have so many but Some exclusive favourites would have to be ( Shalala - Moses Gunn collectives , Confucius sez - charlie freak , medusa - szymon , love/paranoia - tame impala , flowers on the wall - tomorrow tulips , sex and candy - marches playground , bridge burn - little comets , the noise of jay city - King Krule , Courtney Barnett -  small poppies , still - the Japanese house , apartment - young the giant ) I also included two extra single songs which were not included in the playlist because I couldn't access them from Spotify but were non the less equally my favs ( Joe's Van - Shroomy Sam and Yukon Era's Vietnam man ). These two songs were continuously stuck in my head ! Both bands are from New Zealand and are fairly new in the music scene. Joe's Van who came first in the bands category of smoke free rock quest new Zealand released there first recorded song and music video after the comp which was then played on the radio which is super great for a small band from Mt Mauganui! I actually saw them play this at the smoke free rock-quest finals and really liked the song but when the video came out you could say I over played it just a little. And the other single is from the band Yukon Era who I interviewed for my Auckland band series a couple of months ago. Yukon Era released a couple of tracks one being Vietnam Man which I must say was one of those songs i could never really get sick of listening to. Yukon Eras music has a very Lo-fi / Garagey vibe to it which i personally really enjoy! Check out their music if you haven't because you might also get their tunes stuck in your head. 

&amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;gt;UR WORST NIGHTMARE // VIETNAM MAN by Yukon Era&amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;gt;