Last Min Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Plants 

As much as this sounds like standard boring gift it can actually be a huge convenience.

Wether it is a nice plant for decoration for around the house or windowsill or a plant that could be useful for many things it can be a good gift and can last longer then some. Succulents are “ in fashion “ and cute to have around the place ! Also if you have a friend who likes plants but cant keep them alive then a succulent is a good gift because they don’t need to be watered constantly. Another useful plant is  an Aleovea plant they can be very beneficial and helpful around the home!

Aleovea is Good for the skin especially for sunburnt skin,It keeps your skin hydrated and moisturised ,The plant itself is very high in vitamins and minerals , helps with digestion when eaten  etc. Small veggie plants or even a packet of seeds is a very environmentally friendly gift for someone motivated in the garden or someone who likes to cook with fresh 


Stores : Local florist 

Prices :  Around $ 5 - 40


Tangle Teezer

Yes its a hair brush … as uninteresting as it sounds its very useful and is a necessary to looking put together / presentable in most situations. Tangle teezers are great because they can fit in a small bag , purses , they are almost pocket size. I know that now the brand tangle teezer has come out with multiple sizes , colours and models of the product which is good to customise for who ever your are buying a gift for. I also think a small gift like this is nice because its not something someone would usually purchase for themselves. This product is also great for all ages because of the range of product design. 

Stores : Pharmacy's / Famers / Online store /

Prices : Around 20-40+


Record Player / Records 

If your someone following the trend of listening to music a classic and ”retro” way or your into the old sounds of a record player and value the old fashion style pf streaming music rather then using a digital device then maybe something within this theme would be appropriate. For some people its hard to believe that record players are still around and that records are still being sold but yes yes yes they are ! In fact people still make a living from selling new and old records and beautiful manufactured record players. If you know someone who would enjoy a good old vinyl / record then maybe thats a good gift for them. records very in price and can be purchased in store or online , Record payers can be higher price of course and I obviously wouldn't recommend getting someone one if you aren't certain thats what they want and also if your price range is low !

Stores : reel groovy , Southbound Records , Marbecks , trade me ,

Prices : $10-100+



This is a broad title but in general terms any form of hard copy of music wether it is a music voucher , a concert ticket , a cd , record like mentioned before , or a device. 

Music generally is something that many people enjoy and if you know someone and there tastes in music its not to hard to either pick out something they would enjoy or  give them their own freedom to purchase something them selves , some inexpensive choices i would recommend would  be

  • Spotify premium voucher 
  • Apple iTunes voucher  
  • any store voucher , real groovy , jb hi-5 etc.
  • A local band Ep which they may sell at a Gig

Stores : Music / electronic stores , Online , 

Prices : $5-50+


Lush cosmetics

Lush is a worldwide natural cosmetic company I'm sure a lot of you have heard or smelt while walking past a store. This is an affordable place to shop for  any small christmas gifts for both male and female . There is endless choices that very from luxurious bath bombs to crazy bath salts and soaps ! Its always a good place to visit to grab a gift even if your unsure of what the person might like .

Stores : Lush Cosmetics 

Prices : $5-40


Head phones 

Another boring sounding gift but head phones are so extremely useful ! having a spare pair around is so helpful especially if your on the run and cant find the ones hiding in the crack of your sofa. Headphones can be an affordable gift or you can spend a lot more for the more higher branded headphones. A gift like this is something people don't tend to buy themselves and can go to anyone because now a day people are frequently using them.

Stores : Any Electronic / music stores 

Prices : $5-50+


Novel / Magazine 

Novels and magazines are such a great gift for any reading lovers or a visual person and come at an affordable price ! Depending on the person its also such  a nice gift because you can truly find a book or mag that carter for their needs or interests. I also recommend a kindle or money to go towards any E-books which can be given as a Amazon voucher then the gift receiver can then purchase a E-book online for the kindle. Also another great gift is money to go towards books on a a well known app called Audio-book when you sign up you get the first book free but from then on you have to pay for each book. The app is full of audio books which are recored readings of books and are so great when your traveling , doing chores or even winding down after a long day.

Stores : Book stores , Specific super markets for mags 

Prices : $10-40


2016 Diary 

As the new year is approaching a dairy is very handy ! It can also encourage those who may struggle with time managementmeant or disorganisation habits to start the new year fresh and work on changing those habits around! Im someone who uses a calendar and a set diary to plan my days out and I also share with others how much it helps me so its always a gift idea for me when it comes around to last minute christmas shopping ! 

Stores : Book stores , Online stores , typo , Kikki-k 

Prices : $5-50



Ah yeah ! Socks umm… They are actually such a good affordable gift if you choose the right pair !! You can find some great prints / embroided socks in stores and online ! I fully recommend getting a pair for a sibling or a friend possibly not your dad because i think we all know thats a recurring gift he may get ! 

Stores : Clothing stores ( Ruby shoes , Glassons , Smith and caugheys who sell Happy socks , Karen Walker ,

, Urban outfitters , Country road etc.

Prices : $5-45


tote bags 

Tote bags are 10/10 a great gift !!! Having a canvas tote bag around is so handy ! using them for school / beach bag / book bag / shopping bag… 

Stores : Country Road ,

, Typo , Cotton-on etc.

Prices : $5-50


water colours / art supplies 

I always gift some art supplies at christmas time , its simple but can help someone venture out and try new art products or even finding a talented they thought they didn't have. I personally enjoy art supply gifts because its always nice to try new things.

Stores : Art supplies stores ( Gordon Harris ,

Prices : 10-90


Cooking supplies 

Like i said with art supplies I usually gift cooking supplies also ! Most people enjoy baking / cooking and its easy to find inexpensive cooking accessories around the place which they would enjoy to use. I also think they can come in handy especially if you are gifting it to someone who loves to be in the kitchen. 

Stores : Millys , smith and caugheys , farmers.. 

Prices : $5-100+


candles / fragrances 

Something that has an inviting aroma is a gorgeous gift ! Candles are a common gift as most of us know and fragrances of also whether it is perfume , room sprays , incense etc. Its a nice gift for someone who you know. They can also be a festive gift because you can get many candles and room sprays especially that have a christmasy related smell which is nice to give around the christmas season. Where is cold it may be a candle that has a pine tree smell or ginger bread cookie fragrance and where its summer over the christmas period it could be the delicate frangence of jasmine flowers or something that reminds you of the beach.

Stores : Stevens , Smith and caugheys , farmers , Peter alexander 

Prices : $5-100



This is a unique gift , Finding a piece of art for someone is a special gift and can range in price. If you know someones artistic tastes then you may be able to pick out something that they would love.

Stores : Boutiques , society6 

Prices : $20-100+



This is a broad turn but decor in any shape or form can be a nice gift. Finding something small for the coffee table , a picture frame , ornament , throw pillow it could be anything. These items can usually be found for a resemble price and can even be customised for the person you are giving it to if you know there style. 

Stores : Anywhere !!

Prices : $5-100


disposable camera 

A strange gift but its pretty cool ! A disposable camera is a film camera that has about 27 picture capability and when you get it developed the camera is then thrown away so you only use the camera once. Its just a fun in the moment gift that a child may enjoy.

Stores : Pharmacies , Camera shops , 

Prices : $20-30



Prints are similar to art work but can be more of a DIY gift. If you can find a nice frame a nice photograph or a relatable picture can be printed and framed which always makes a nice inexpensive gift.

Stores : Society6 , Tumblr , 

Prices : $0-50


note book 

Last but not least i think a notebook is always useful to gift to someone. Note books especially ones with blank pages can be used as almost anything ( notepad , reminder book , address book , phone book , travel diary , drawing book … ) 

Stores : Any stationary shop ( Moleskin ( branded notebooks) , kikki-k , Typo ) 

Prices : $10-50

A very very merry christmas to everyone !!!