Friends ! Time has flown by and times are changing ! I felt an urge to update my blog a little starting with the name ! This name is my own , it is me and I have always wanted my little blog to be a place where I can show my true self , this blog has helped me find myself and grow confidence so I think the new name is somewhat fitting . For people who visit my Blog they are immediately faced with the blog name and as unimportant as it seems it can attract a lot of the audience. ladelicatebeaute was so relevant in the past and still is now , And that name has really resonated with me throughout the years ! Im so grateful to have found this corner of the internet and be able to share things with each and everyone one of you ! Change is something i have found hard but change is so necessary , recurring and important in our lives ! Accepting the change is the challenge and making the change is the task.


gabrielle ( first name ) s (initials / 

possessive S