A Month Abroad

27 / 12 / 15 


ng in Shanghai In the early hours of the morning 

                                                         27 / 12 / 15 

Shanghai Airport after finishing ( Asian styled ) Italian food 10:30 pm

Munich Germany 9:00 am -4 ℃ 28 / 12 / 15

A long wait and hopeful dreams of travelling are now a reality, I am travelling to see many unmet relatives and to experience other environments and meet many new people. Starting the year endeavouring in new places and accepting spontaneous plans is something I am looking forward to. This is a change and is foreign to me and something new that I am experiencing. I am by no means am a experienced traveller so I am certainly learning as I go. Leaving the warmth of summer in Auckland and now amongst the -℃   weather is super strange , 5 am this morning my mum and I walked out of the congested hot airport to -4 degree frosty winter temperature. I am about to catch my last flight after travelling for the past 2 days to our last destination being Zagreb. So far our route has been Auckland - Shanghai - Munich - Zagreb ! Looking forward to a lot of amazing endeavour this month and I hope ill be able share a few updates along the way. 

Happy Happy New Year to you all !

I hope 2016 has a lot of great things installed.