Exam season , The dreaded time of our school lives that comes around just to fast . As much as we despise exams we just have to do them so i thought id collect a few tips that help me and can help make the exam period more bearable. 

1. Sleep

Sleep … something I'm not good at doing but its one of the best things for you ! During Exams getting a good sleep can be super effective and can help maintain energy and help you feel more motivated and ready for your exam.

2. Planning / time management 

I keep a planner which I write any plans , due dates etc throughout the school year but if you don’t I highly recommend getting one over the time of exams. Having something to record the time and date of your exam is always good to look at to make sure you know when it is. A Planner helps take a few things off your mind while having to study ! Jotting a few points , dates and times , thoughts down can really help to keep your head clear . 

3. Notes 

Study Notes !! Im someone who really relies on notes to study off ! For the past couple of years I have purchased a A4 Note book and sectioned it off for each subject. This year I have 3 exams so in my book I sectioned my notebook into 3 parts with bold heading for each subject. In each section i go through my school books of the year and write down any important noted relevant to my exam and go over them when I revise. Also as an extra i made study flash cards with any words , definitions , names or quotes i needed to remember for my exams and I personally recommend doing the same. 

4. Colours and nice stationary ! 

As pathetic as it sounds for me having nice stationary and colourful notes motivate me to study and write notes more. Before my exams i always purchase some nice writing pens for two reasons 1). They feel nice to write with 2). They wont run out during an exam ( My worst nightmare ). I also use different colour highlighters and make annotation with Red pen which for some reason makes my notes look visualising appealing and again makes studying a little bit easier.

Top 5 Stationary Items

1. Pilot P-700 Fine tip 0.7 pens ( Red and Black )

2. Kikki-K A5 Lined Books

3. Typo - Brown Plain Lined Notebook

4. Staedtler triplus micro 0.7 mm mechanical pencil 

5. Staedtler triplud textsurfer yellow highlighter 

5. Small rewards

I usually cant study with out something to look forward to and I always receive this as a tip from others which is always have a “ treat “ to have after studying or an exam. Ive tried this in the past which is when you have finished readying through / studying a subject reward yourself with a piece of your favourite chocolate , a nice refreshing walk , a warm bath or a phone call to a friend. Having this reward in mind can motivate you to put some time and effort into study. 

6. Breathes and breaks

Two simple words but two words that are important ! 


a simple technique to use when feeling a little stressed , breathing can help your heart rate slow and can just help put things in to a good perspective. I find myself feeling anxious in the examination room and every 10 mins i stop and take a few deep breathe to calm myself which helps a lot. And


and equalling important word especially when studying. Having a break once and while can keep you sane and stable and not to overloaded which isn't what you want when walking into an exam.

7. Something to look forward to..

Something that always tends to help me is to organise something for after my exams wether it is a catch up with a friend or a concert etc. it can help you push through the miserable time of exams . This year straight after i finish my exams I have planned to go see one of my favourite bands play live ( Tame Impala Playing in Auckland ) Which I’m really looking forward to. 

8. Music 

Cant live without music playing , and study is way to quite without tunes playing in the background . Something that helps me study is some relaxing music so i prepared a study playlist to help me get through exams :

9. Water 

Drink water !! Its proven to help your mood , decrease chances of headaches , Boosts immune system , Improved skin complexion , increases energy and relieves fatigue etc .. 

Also For NCEA ( New Zealand exams ) You are allowed to bring a drink bottle into your exams which I recommend to do just to have it incase.

10. Exam kit 

Being prepared before an exam and making sure you have everything you need , Things I take into an exam are :

A drink bottle , My Exam slip with code etc , Pencil case with extra pens and colours highlights , my school Cardigan incase the exam room is cold , a hair tie ( usually already keeping my hair up ) and some Bobbi pins to keep any pieces of hair out of my face. In my bag that i don't bring into my exam i keep some snacks , my planner , study notes , my wallet , phone and rescue remedy ( To anyone who gets stressed I recommend purchasing some rescue remedy which can be found in most pharmacies , It is a natural serum that you can take when feeling anxious , The remedy helps slow down your pulse which can also help any anxious feeling before or after an exam.

11. Useful sites !!

- Helps you organise your school life " Planner without Paper "

- This site is full of amazing Quizzes ! Such a good resource to have it you want to text yourself on a specific topic or subject ( I used this site to look up English quizzes which helped me a lot with remembering techniques in my exam ) 

Chrome Website Blocker

-  As cruel as it maybe blocking some sites Eg. Facebook , Tumblr , youtube etc. May help your productiveness ! It can really help decrease the amount of distractions you may have when studying.

Wishing everyone all the best ! Good Luck ! 

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