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Essena O'Neill a Teenage female who for years has been known for her successful Blog , youtube and most social media platforms has spoken out about how she is Quitting social media and her message has now gone viral. 19 year old Essena is inspiring people including myself to see the reality of social media and how it has become something we are reliant on today and how it can actually refine our lives and make us value numbers and things that aren’t going to bring us happiness at the end of the day. Today we are swarmed with comments , images , messages , likes , shared content , posts , videos , views that can contradict how we see ourselves as people or how popular we may think we are or how successful we are but Essena is right it shouldn't make people feel that way. I 100% Agree and i immediately wanted to verbalise how i relate to what Essena said because i admit that i rely on some social media for happiness or to follow people who i think are " perfect " and I'm coming to realise its not positive in any shape or form in my life. Social media has evolved into something that is "needed " to be successful in todays society and sure promoting a company is necessary in some situations but it is also used for other personal purposes. people may argue that social media is helpful and it is but some of it is enforcing negative messages and misrepresentations that are effecting how we see ourselves and how we want to live our lives. I find myself checking my phone and constantly updating my Instagram feeds , liking pictures on Tumblr , snap chatting someone because i want an instant response and yet i could be using that time to do something more useful and meaningful that could impact me in a different way. I have personally been effected by Media i have felt not worthy and selfless. I judge my appearance , size , shape , mind , personality because of what i see on screens and that isn't something I'm proud of. We are viewing good and bad sides of media the good sides being sharing good messages , supporting charities and good causes , raising awareness for common topics , and inspiring others is so positive and i am thankful we are able to globally share that over social media today but a lot of people are codependent on parts of media that is pulling us away from the real meaning of sharing and connecting. I was moved by Essena’s courageous video and what she said about how its robbed her of life since she was 12 and i can relate a lot and i feel ashamed that i have wasted time viewing things that are not educational and have made me value myself less because i didn’t think i was "perfect". We are surrounded by misrepresentation and stereotypes that are constantly followed because that is what people think is right and what a lot of us aspire to become and in society today we certainly do it self continuously. I have been called " perfect " and when i respond to that person and tell them about how I've suffered from anxiety , depression , ocd , dyslexia etc they responded to me with " Oh i never knew .. You always seem so calm and contained ", As much as i appreciate and would love to say i am what you may think i am on the surface I AM Not perfect and no one is . I have called others perfect yet i knew they weren't , I thrived off comments , likes and nice compliments and thats what made me feel confident and yet it is always only a temporary fix. There is a side of social media which has great resources about mental illness , disorders , and any issues that commonly occur , but yet we are still uneducated or in common cases to scared to seek for help or share our experiences and have a voice because that makes us less " perfect " or different . A lot of us would rather scroll through our Facebook pages and Instagram feeds because its easier and more entertaining to consume but it makes me think " what does it teach us ? ". Being a teenager in todays society has made me question myself and from a young girl I've always felt passionate to make a change. I am passionate in sharing awareness for mental health , disabilities , and issues that are company faced but are not talked about and i think this is something i want to share , instead of sharing a post of photos I've taken this weekend and what shows you a pretty image of the surface of what i experienced that day I want to share this. I want to  start questioning what i share with others and wether it will impact them and myself in a good way. In the past I've kept a lot to myself , and like we all do we struggle through periods of time in our lives. This Blog was created because i was diagnosed with chronic anxiety and depression and I left school school and was house ridden and at home for 18 months fighting to get better , This blog was my escape and i feel proud of where I've come even though its still small and I'm still developing it slowly. For a long time i was scared of sharing things that were different purely because i knew someone would judge me in someway or another.  I didn't know how to accept myself and that it doesn't matter what others may think of me. I never wanted to feel " different " or be treated differently for who I really was and as a 17 yr old that has been a trap that i want to escape. Social media has restricted me of being myself and i don't want to feel confined to that feeling anymore . I don't want to hide my true self behind an edited photo or posts that only surface what clothing items i wear ,  Im not going to Quit but I'm going to think more about what i share and i encourage you to do the same . I know I'm not alone in this and after watching Essena's video I now know I have been contributing to the negative side of media and want to change that . I am supporting Essena and what she is externalising to us about what we get caught up in today. I know for a fact this post isn't perfect and i know I'm not either . I don't want people to think I'm trying to seek attention because thats certainly not my intention. I also don't want to offend anyone because i understand that social media can have very positive effects as well but i believe in what Essena has said and i think she has a strong point that i myself agree with. From the very start of creating this blog i wanted to talk about important issues , talk and interview inspiring people , share knowledge about mental illness etc and I'm going to challenge myself to try and achieve that. This post is something I'm nerves about sharing but i think in order to make a change or just spread awareness i need to start today. Id just like to say thank you for everyone who has supported me i cannot express my graduate to you all ! Thank you for giving your time to read this and if you feel connected to Essena’s opinions or have been inspired to make a change Id love to hear what you have to say.

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