Name : James Thorrington

Age : 14

Role In Band :

Attempted backing vocals and drums

One advantage of being in a band ?

A real cool thing about being in this band is its almost like an opportunity to meet new interesting people. I would say being in a band is great as you get the girls, but in our case, we got no chance!

Your own advice to those wanting to share their musical talents ?

I think if you are real keen to perform and show people what you can do behind the drums or on a guitar etc, you gotta make sure you have the confidence, confidence is key. You could be the best drummer in the world, but when it comes to performing, you cant showcase your skills as you may be afraid of failing. So make sure you confident and be prepared to make mistakes, don't be afraid of making them

What is your creative inspirations ?

The lads in the band inspire me. But apart from those goons, i have been really getting into josh homme and his desert rock influence music. John cleese is also another big inspiration of mine as well as my only actual teacher Nick Morgan.

Name :  Callum Yule

Age : 15 years young

Role In Band : Lead vocals and guitar

One advantage of being in a band ?

Playing original tunes with your buddies and making noise with em and causing havoc like teens do.

Your own advice to those wanting to share their musical talents ?

Just go for gold, even if you're a bit hesitant on the idea at first, just put yourself out there and off you go.

What is your creative inspirations ?

James Thorrington, Van Gough, Metallica and good old Black Sabbath

Name : Luke Rice 

Age : 14

Role In Band : Bass 

( Was Absent when these Q. were answered )


1. Have you as a band been supported in your musical journey , if so how ? 

We are unsigned, so we really only get properly supported by family friends and ourselves, but just showing up at one of our gigs for 5 or 10 minutes is enough support to please us.

2. What Keeps you guys motivated ? 

We usually attempted to motivate each other, but other than that we just think about how we would love to be as successful as our favourite bands, so that motivates us.

3. How long has your band been together ?  

We have been together for almost two years now I'm pretty sure, time flys when your having fun!

     photocredit - Nick Lehtola

4. Whats your advice to other Auckland bands / musicians who want to be noticed and follow their musical passion ? 

Well we have always been into the whole do it yourself sort of thing, so you seriously don't need to wait for a record company to pick you up, and you don't need to record in the flashiest most expensive studio in the world, as long as you are getting what you want out of what you are doing, and as long as people like you and your music, the bombs should be away!!

5. How do you feel about the generalised music scene today ? 

We are all very accepting of all musicians and genres, at least we try our best to be, but we do believe that pop music isn't really at its best. But that is just our personally opinion. But there are some amazing new bands on the scene that remind us there is still hope!

6. Whats to come for you guys ? gigs , music ...

We are really stoked because we have just finished and are yet to release our debut self titled EP on November 28th. We recorded the whole thing by ourselves in our studio in Callums house which was awesome fun. So on November 28th at the Albany house we are going to be holding an EP release gig with some great bands! We are also co headlining Okura forest fest 2016 with Brendon Thomas and the vibes and Joes van! We also hope we can start working on a new full length album in the new year.

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Many thanks to Callum , James and Luke for featuring in my Auckland Bands series ! 

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