I caught up with the band Open to add to my series Bands of Auckland , and asked them a few Questions about their band and what they think about the music scene today. 

What style / genre do you think fits your music?

We aim to blend sounds of the 90s rock underground with an emphasis on atmosphere. Balancing technical proficiency with mood & feeling is a huge part of our sound.

 What / who inspires your creativity?

Our friends, families, work, school, and everything else that has a minor influence on our lives. However we take a lot away from bands such as Karate, Slowdive, Iceage, Slint, Autechre, and heaps more.

What are your creative processes?

One of us will present a phrase, riff, or general idea and we take off from there, each of us writing our own parts. The four of us contribute 25% each all the way, up to how we present our work with gig aesthetics, cover art, song titles, etc.

How long has your band been together?

Since 2011 but we settled on the name “Open” some time in 2013, around the time we started writing our debut album “Chasing Returns”.

What is some advice you could give to other Auckland bands/musicians who want to get their music out there?

Learn as much as you can about sound and recording, meet people who are on the same wavelength as you, and just keep playing gigs and making connections. Just keep on playing gigs; never, ever stop. And get a driving licence and a day job too!

How do you feel about the general music scene today?

We are really excited by what’s going on in Auckland, Wellington, and even smaller places like Palmerston North. We are equally excited to contribute to it. There’s so much great independent music out there. It’s all about carving out your own channels of communication, through the internet or otherwise, away from the stagnant mainstream. The first time we felt really connected to a greater network of independent art & music was when we played at the Chronophonium festival in Tapu , Coromandel at the start of 2015. It was an incredibly vibrant couple of days. However its future is uncertain at the moment, which is worrying...

What is to come? New music, gigs, etc.

We play gigs in the Central Auckland area whenever we can and we are also in the process of recording our second album. Our Facebook page is where we announce all goings-on.


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Many thanks to Thian , László , Jack , Lucas for contributing to my blog series ! 

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