I was privileged to talk to the talented lads of the band Fields NZ ( Matt , Sam , Chris and Zane ) .There music has been influential to other Auckland bands / musicians and there unique sounds have been quite heavily listened to and supported by  a large amount of people around NZ. I had a very entertaining talk to them all about what inspires them and there advice to others who are interested in creating music and getting it out there for others to listen to. 

Q. : 

1. What style / genre do you portray throughout your music ?

First and foremost our intentions are we try to convey a mood, It tends to be quite a sorrowful mood with a bit of anger and hope. It's very important to us that the audience can feel the raw emotion. Sonically the reverbed "post-rock" guitar sound really helps the mood to shine through.

2. What inspires your creativity ?

The creativity comes from playing with one another and making it into something special. No two musicians play in the same way so it's important to recognise the combination as unique and hopefully let the sounds do all the work for you.

3. What are your creative processes ?

Matt writes the main guitar part in it's entirety. From there the structure is formed and then Matt would jam that with Sam. After a general vibe is finalised Sam would most often write the bass to the drums to make it real tight, and Matt would do the second guitar part to accent the melodic suggestions of the main guitar.

4. Perks of being in a band 

You get to form a bond with a group of people that is totally unique and then express that to an audience. We have experienced some memorable events in the time we have known each other and creating something with your friends is extremely rewarding and performing is always great fun.

5. Something that makes your band unique 

Every band is unique because every individual plays their instrument and approaches music completely differently to anyone else. Most importantly for us it would be the combination of sparse composed guitar parts with intricate but emotion driven drums climaxing alongside.

6. What is some Advice you could give to other Auckland Bands / musicians who want to get out there

Write an EP. Record the EP and then start playing some shows to build hype for your release. After releasing EP play as much as you like but there is a lot of importance in releasing some music before trying to play shows. People like being able to recognise a song or two. Also Keep chasing what it is that makes you love music personally. Love who you're playing alongside because they're all unique and get that chemistry going.

7. How do you feel about the general music scene today ?

If by general you mean Auckland AA, it is going quite strong although I (Matt) believe that at this point there really needs to be some appreciation of quality over quantity. Music is somewhat raped because people don’t invest in albums like they had to in the past. If you listen to a great album, the more times you listen to it the better it becomes. In the age of streaming single tracks it’s not the same as when you bought a CD/Vinyl and it was all you had.

8. Whats coming up with you guys ? New music ? , Gigs etc. 

We have a mammoth track in the works which is quite different to what we’ve done in the past which well be playing on our upcoming tour. Other than that its up to the stars to align. We’re looking forward to a North Island tour later this year and we’re going to make sure that people know about those shows so they can see what we’re all about. We’ll be selling vinyl at these shows so we’re looking to impress you all enough to buy one!


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     Thank you so much to Zane , Matt , Chris and Sam for letting me sit down and interview you all !

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