OH HEY ! long time no see .
I never planned an absence from blogging what so ever  but i guess it spontaneously happened.
This year seems very spontaneous to say the least and i have been exposed to new things in my education and extra-curricular activities and i am grateful for doing many things slightly out of my comfort zone.

Things have definitely changed and i am now coming to terms with accepting change in my life.
Even though i haven't been publishing on this blog for many weeks i have been chatting to many unique and interesting individuals to collaborate with . So i can say now i have many projects on the way and hopefully will help me achieve the goals i have to make my content on my blog more people focused and a place where i can share my passions and inspiration .  I want to be able to communicate to my audience my passions that others can connect with and also share my experiences and challenges i have faced. I also would love to publish stories about inspiring people i have met and places i have been over this coming year. Its crazy how fast this year has flown by already but i am excited to what the rest of the year may hold.

Definitely keep in touch and I hope to share many posts with you very soon !

Thank you so much for reading and for your patience

Feel free to leave me any questions , topics or opinions on my tumblr i would love to hear from you.

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