Hey 2015 !

                                              Many goodbyes to 2014 , but Greeting to 2015

 2014 , A year of change , growth , challenge , learnt lessons , gratefulness , fulfilment , ups and downs , encouragement , support , beauty , new people , ideas , inspirations , and unforgettable memories .

I am so truly grateful for all i have learnt during 2014 ! Last year felt like a huge stepping stone in the right direction and i believe 2015 will hopefully be following the same path . Throughout all the hard times i felt like i had found myself just a little bit more and have been able to be more grateful for the good times i have been able to experience . At the start of this year i felt distant , lost , confined and reflecting on that now i feel like the end of the year was a lot different. At the end of the year i felt confident , happy , and inspired . Blogging and all the creative hobbies i have followed have been a massive help in growing my ability to express my passions and sharing them with others. And for anyone who has read a post of mine , or supported me in anyway i just want to say i am forever grateful !. In the recent months i haven't been as fluent with posting etc.. and i guess i just got court up in life but i promise 2015 will be a year of creation , sharing , enjoyment , passion , independence , adventure , and appreciation for every little detail around me. I hope i can share details of my life with you all and make every second of 2015 count !. In the upcoming year on this blog i hope to write about meeting new people , documenting many experiences i will have , sharing my many photos that will be taken , hopefully being able to collabe with many other creative people and follow dreams and inspirations thought and found during this year.

To everyone who read this post Thank you , i hope to see you very soon ! , feel free to comment your blogs or social media because i would love to meet some of you !. And i am also looking for people to collaborate with or help me with future projects that i have in mind so please let me know if you would like to hop on board.

Lots of love and good luck with 2015 , make it a good one xx

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