A Q&A with Josh Phrakhun


                         A Q&A with Josh Phrakhun 

Josh is an 17 yr old aspiring film maker from Brisbane Australia . He has been putting small detailed short films on his youtube channel “ Joshua Phrakhun” that are visually captivating and refreshing . His content is full of inspiring shots , and as his channel keeps growing i hope his audience does also because with the skills he has he deserves to be noticed for his talents. Its been really nice to exchange some chit chat with him and ask him some questions about his passions and aspirations so i thought i could share his channel and answers to some of my questions at the same time .

1. what do you like most about filming/videography and photography ? 

J : When i’m shooting , I feel as though its a chance to express myself. I’m able to allow others to experience these moments i have lived through , taking my viewers along with me on my journeys. Honestly when i am creating , it feels as though the sky is the limit. There are no rules, or boundaries , its really just a matter or creating the stuff you want , in whatever way you want. 

2.  how would you describe you filming style ?  

J : For a long time I believed I didn't have a style myself, and that I would create according to how I was feeling at the time, but as I produce more films, i'm starting to realise I definitely have a certain style. For my that style is purely the type of content I would want to be viewing. The type of creators I watch definitely play a huge influence on my films, I try and gather skills and techniques and channel them into my own productions.

3.  what do you do in your spare time apart from filming and photography ? 

J : To be completely honest, any time thats not spent shooting will either be spent with my friends, Surfing, Pushing (Skateboarding), or driving to find new places!

4.  what / who inspires you ?

J : I am inspired by a lot of things. The Filmmakers I choose to watch definitely inspire me. Ben Brown, Will Darbyshire, Casey Neistat, Dan Mace are some of the larger names. Often when I find myself unmotivated and uninspired, I usually just throw on some headphones and kick back for a few hours listening to some tunes. I find I can usually think up some sweet ideas when listening to my favourite music.

5.  what are your top tips for people who have creative minds and want to express themselves through their creativity. 

J : The best advice I can give is stay true to yourself. Find what you are good at, and your style and stick to it. Don't waste your time creating content you don't enjoy yourself. You will go a lot further by sticking to your own style. Be creative, set yourself aside from everybody else. Its really not about the equipment you have, or the places you go, its about how creative you can be, with whats available.

6. Favorite :

Food : 
I'm a huge sucker for a good curry, so give me pretty much any indian and i'll be stoked!

Music (artists/bands):  
My taste in music is constantly evolving, at the moment i'm a huge fan of Vancouver Sleep Clinic, King Krule, Short Straw, Youth Lagoon and Circa Waves; if you haven't check out any of these dudes I highly recommend it, absolutely wicked stuff!

Film : 
Favourite movie definitely has to be Ferris Buellers day off, i've seen this film 25+ times and I still cannot get over it, it's  flipping sick!

his most recent video 

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Thank you for readying this post ! , Please go and send josh some love ! and subscribe to his youtube channel and i promise you wont regret it !. I Hope you have had a good weekend ! 

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