' 1 5 v i b e s

To welcome the new year in a positive way i have been trying to think positively. I thought i could share some motivational quotes , thoughts and images that might help the thought of starting a new year more bearable . This post is little notes to myself and something i will be able to look back on throughout this year and remember the little things i wanted to work on. Hopefully this will also be helpful to you in someway. We are both in this together and are going to make this year a good one!.


- Ive learnt that even when change feels like the scariest most foreign thing , it dosnt cause any harm. At the time it may feel like a big change but when you look back on it , it might seem alot smaller. I personally have been very nervous about drastic changes and even small changes in my life but as i think back i am grateful i took the risk and accepted the changes that were made. This year i want to be able to be open to more change in my life .

In just a year we can make a difference , find ourselves , learn an important lesson , or live in the moment and enjoy each day as it comes. I find myself lost in a lot of things that aren't important at the end of the day and im endlessly thinking of things i would love to achieve. In 2015 i would love to try and push myself to move towards my dreams and thoughts and make them more of a reality. I want to be able to look back and feel proud of something i have done.

R e a d i n g .....
Ive never been a reader , but i think being able to indulge in a good book is very luxousious. I managed to read a couple of book last year but sadly i could probably count them using both of my hands or less. I have always been a reader of magazines and obviously blog posts but i think having a novel to read is something different , unique if you want to call it that. Do you read ? , any books you would recommend please let me know !! please and thank you .

I know I'm not the only on who is sick of seeing " new year new me " status's everywhere ! and i feel like making yourself feel new , refreshed in the inside or outside involves small kind jesters to yourself. Small jesters you can do for yourself  :
drink water
keep your environment tidy
leave space in your day to relax
have a warm bath or shower
make time to see friends
listen to music that makes you feel good
take a deep breath 
go to bed earlier then normal
look at old photographs
put your favourite fragrance on
write something down
keep some simple routine going
don't worry about the small stuff

Trying a new look could aways make 2015 more interesting. 
Im going to challenge myself to experiment , take a risk , take a step out of my comfort zone for once. As  you all know there is such a pressure to look perfect on the outside but truly it really dosn't matter ! I try my best to not get caught up in that !. Being a teen its so hard to experiment and do something different to everyone else , but being yourself is so important . Being yourself is something that takes a lot of courage and i hope 2015 will be the year a step closer to showing everyone your true self.

last of all cherish the memories , live in the moment , love yourself , be generous , breathe , and don't stress !. 



Thanks for stopping by xx