sick day

Sick day

This week I’ve been quite sick with a cold as most of you would agree is not much fun.
If any of you are like me curled up in bed feeling sick then here are some of my favourite things to do and use when I'm not feeling that great.
Comfy clothes
Warm, soft , comfortable clothing is the only thing a feel good in on a sick day !


Beauty products which are great for when you’re feeling sick.
1 Clinique-all bout eyes cream. For my dark circles i rub this underneath my eyes in a circular motion and I can see the difference the next morning.
2 Clinique – moisture surge extended thirst relief gel moisturiser .This would have to be my favourite moisturiser of all time! it does exactly what it says in the description, My mum actually got me into this and I am very grateful.
3 Natio (aromatherapy) – hand and nail cream. Dry hands and unhealthy nail isn’t something you want to have so using a hand and nail cream will moisturise them. The Natio hand and nail cream is great because it is moisturisers both hands and nails and it smells like lavender and rosemary.
4 Lucas’ papaw ointmentan all-purpose ointment for burns, cuts, dry lips, stings …. I have been using this for so long and this tub has lasted ages. I use this for cracked lips and it always does the job.
 (sadly) I do homework when I am sick , I personally hate being behind so I just get my homework out of the way. tip- buy cute stationary that always motivates me to get my homework out so I can use it.
tea !
Favourite – blueberry green tea
A good book - Paper town by John Green


Lily & Madelieine
- Back to the River
Nick Mulvey
- Meet me There
_ Midnight
- blud
thankyou for ready x.
Hope you are all well.
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