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 I have a tendency to keep things white and looking clean and minimalistic, but my room lacks inspiration and visual appearance. I have always been into interior design and taken graphic design but for some reason felt like I didn’t want anything permanent on my walls that I could become sick of.

My room has been redone so the walls are freshly painted. And I wanted something to add neutral colour to my room but that wasn’t permanent. I don’t have a big space so did 2 easy décor Ideas that are so self-explanatory but I thought I would share them with you. 

 I chose some Frankie posters from my past issues and arranged them on my small desk wall. Tip- if you want your wall to look neat with a slight pattern / structure try and make the inner or out edges make a square , if you can see my posters line up in some way . I love the Frankie posters because they are all from artist and they are always interesting to look at. You could literally use anything to decorate a wall envelopes, ribbon, calendars, picture frames, photographs, material, maps, letter …. I have changed this wall up so many times with different colour schemes and patterns and photographed events, so be creative.

I love the look of bunting, I made this one and it has been hanging in my room for a while now and I love it! All I did was cut circles out of brown paper folded them in half around the string and used my sewing machine to sew a line across the top. I got the idea to make this bunting from Pinterest , if you would like to find more décor ideas follow my “ Diamond DIY “ board.

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