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Blogger as you probably know is a free online blog website where a lot of well-known bloggers use to blog. I obviously use blogger to start up my own blog and I do read a lot of blogs who use blogger also. Just like I did with my " society6 blogging beauties" I am going to do my " blogger beauties " . If you want to see more, message me on any social media linked above.
(Sorry for saying blog so many times in one paragraph).
I have so many blog favourites so it was hard to pick just some but I have chosen a few, but by no means are these only favourite bloggers. I tried to pick some blogs you may or may not have heard of before because I think everyone should know these blogs.


“Kate,22. Skincare obsessed beauty blogger & YouTube girl.”
She is a well-known YouTuber and blogger. She’s is a kiwi but now lives in Glasgow.
I love her blog & YouTube because she always has reliable reviews and great beauty advice. I also love how her blog is simple but easy to follow.


Berrie blogs

Is a young beauty blogger who has huge potential. Her review / articles and favourites are always worth a read. I have spoken to her and she is so lovely, I hope you go and check her blog out because she deserves it!.  She always has good products to recommend and I always feel the need to go and pick them up. She also did blogging beauties on her blog and inspired me to share my favourite bloggers on my blog.



Lovely rose petal

I have loved the blog lovely rose petal her reviews are so trustable and she has great Photos and displays her blog so simply and dainty. She’s from New Zealand just like I am so I feel
More connected and I also know all the products she
Mentions I can easily purchase.




The private life of a girl has been one of my recent favourites.I adore her (Sophie’s) personal style and the way she composes her pictures for her posts.  she has trusting reviews and great products and posts ( I've probably said that about every blog ).
Blog :


Thank you for reading my favourite blogging beauties, I hope you go and check all of the blogs out because I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!
Please contact me on any social media if you want to say hi or recommend a blog post.
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* disclaimer : No one has asked me to promote their blog I am just sharing these blogs out of my own personal interest.