- visual & auditory -

I am a very visual person , and I have developed a love for photography .
Tumblr and Pinterest are a good place to get ideas and inspiration for any visual creativity.

| London Grammar |

London Grammar have such a unique sound and enjoyable music.
I like the fact that they have almost a 3D effect to there music using , base , drums and beats

| Kodaline |
This little Irish group has sold my heart. I literary fall asleep to there music every night.
sadly I couldn't go to there concert in New Zealand because it was at a 18+ Arena.
But I still love there music and can not fault it.

| Bon Iver |
I have just recently started to listen to Bon Iver and I have loved the difference of there music.
My current favourite has been Wash - ( st south remix )

| The cinematic Orchestra |
If you know me you would know that when I like a song I am likely to get sick of it because I play it so much. My most favourite songs from The cinematic Orchestra I have never got sick of and that is saying something .

| Matt Corby |
For starters I think he is so attractive , and secondly his voice is heavenly.
He is a song Writer that plays in small venues with his guitar and indie style.
And when I heard his song Resolution I was hooked. When ever I am happy , sad or lonely I
listen to some Matt Corby and I fell better .
I hope everyone had a nice Easter , and have been working off all the chocolate eaten . I haven't been very productive because I have come down with something but I am working on heaps of content for my blog and I cant wait to share it with you.  Thank you for reading my post I will hopefully be back with more posts soon . If you would like to contact me I am on :
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