my weekend

        MY W e e k e n d


 Weekends are very needed after a long hard week, but they go way to fast!.

  I’m going to start a series on my blog called  ""MY W e e k e n d'''‘’. 

 I’m on school break at the moment so I have been capturing the interesting days out    and I will post them as a part of my series.

 This weekend I went to a little market in town with my cousin.



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We got a delicious Italian pizza and the most amazing gelato I got the flavour apple crumble ( y u m ) .



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 Even though I like going out, I do spend some weekends in comfy clothes get my art out ring a friend or scroll my bloglovin, tumblr and pinterest.

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I hope your weekend was well spent, thankyou for visiting my blog.

Let me know on twitter or tumblr what you did in the weekend or any blog post ideas xx