First blog post

12 // April / Gabby // 15
Hi , my name is Gabby and i've been really interested in starting a blog because of my passion for art and photography. I am still getting through school and try and keep myself occupied with things i love so i don't go insane. I dance , paint , sketch , stretch , yoga , see friends and go on tumblr when i have a free moment instead of doing dreaded english essays. I follow many bloggers , youtubers and creative people for motivation and spent a lot of the night hours cruising youtube , tumblr and pinterest. I am going to try and keep my blog simple and not to personal. My blog will contain my experiences , reviews , beauty and photography . If any of you reading my blog are interested in chatting, asking me a question or suggesting any content ideas i am on tumblr , twitter , bloglovin , and pinterest daily and i would love to meet you.
I hope you enjoy my blog and thankyou for reading my first post if you did . X
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