Easter DIY #2


I wanted to give my friends a gift for Easter so I put together a jar full of little Easter treats.

you will need : a jar - with a lid , small Easter eggs of some kind , a ribbon , coloured paint of your choice , a paint brush and scissors.


 1. Put some paper on top of your surface so that the paint doesn't get onto it.
2. Take the lid from your jar and paint it the colour of your choice
- I did to coats and waited about 20 minutes for each coat to dry.

3. Pour your small Easter treats into the jar

2. After the lids are dry put them back on the jars and decorate the jar the way you want to.
- I choose silver ribbon and put a simple bow around the lid.

when you have finished all the steps you are done !!

I hope everyone has an amazing Easter !

I am going away so when I come back I will share my little get away with you.