7 beauty favorites


This month I have been reaching for the products at the back of my draws. Not that I have a lot but I have been changing things up beauty wise.

 1/ MOR lip macaron   2/ OPI - don't pretzel my buttons  3/ Clinique's airbrush concealer  4/ Silver knuckle rings  5/ Antipodes Translucent powder  6/ tortoise shell sunglasses 7/ The body shop Moringa body butter
1/ MOR lip macaron
This lip balm has a smooth and oily consistency and moisturizers the lips quickly , this lip balm stays on the lips and lasts when on top on other products. I have been reaching for this product when I first wakeup in the morning to help my dry lips.
2/ OPI- don't pretzel my buttons
I have been wearing this nude nail polish for weeks on end !.I cant get enough of OPI's nude colours. Another Nude shade that I own which is very similar is Samoan sand.
3/ Clinique's airbrush concealer
This concealer is amazing ! , it goes perfectly on the skin and sits well when on top or underneath a foundation , bb cream or powder. It a medium coverage concealer but its good for those days when you don't what a full face of makeup.
4/ Silver Knuckle rings
I've have loved the recent trend of a hand full of rings but have spent so long finding ones that I have loved. When I found these silver knuckle rings I feel in love , even though they are so simple and plain I think they make a outfit casual and detailed.
5/ Antipodes Translucent powder
This translucent powder is so fine and minimalistic . I think it keeps oily spots shine free and stays on for long periods of time. 
6/ tortoise shell sunglasses
I have had these glasses for about two year now and every spring and summer they have been a  absolute favourite. I have been eyeing the Super duper strength crazy tort sunglasses from Karen walkers eyewear collection . But luckily I found a good dupe.
7/ The body shop Moringa body butter
This moisturizer is seriously good ! . My skin does tend to get pretty dry and sensitive in any season of the year , so moisturizers definitely comes in handy. I highly recommend the Body shops Body butter because it is creamy and dry's on the skin quickly and naturally. Also a small amount goes along way so it is definitely worth the price. I brought the scent Moringa because it smelt floral and fresh and when ever I put it on I cant get enough of the scent !.
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